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Contributions Direct™

Contributions Direct is a service of Everence Federal Credit Union that enables members to make regular, systematic contributions to congregations or other charitable organizations automatically. No more checks to write, no more scrambling Sunday mornings to make sure you have an offering, no more "catching up" at year's end on your tithe commitment.  Contributions Direct is not designed to replace a congregation's offering, an important part of Sunday worship. Rather, Everence Federal Credit Union suggests using it for your tithing commitment and making the Sunday offering an experience of joy in giving an additional gift to God as you are able.

And it's FREE.

We use Electronic Bill Pay for Contributions Direct. Because we believe in the church and the importance of supporting the work of the church, we will waive the monthly fee for EBP if you use this service to make regular contributions to your congregation. Be sure to check the box indicating you will use Electronic Bill Pay for Contributions Direct on the Electronic Bill Pay application.

Why use Contributions Direct

What are the advantages for me?

  1. I am able to give to my  congregation or other charitable organization on a regular, sustained basis automatically.
  2. My giving to my congregation is not subject to whether I can be present at each Sunday service.
  3. I do not have to make large "catch up" contributions at the end of a year in order to fulfill my tithing commitment.
  4. I am able to use electronic bill payment for all other online personal bill payment transactions - free!

What are the advantages for my congregation or charity?

  1. My congregation or other charitable organization will not experience as many cash flow problems, particularly during summer holidays and vacation times when giving is usually low.
  2. My church’s treasurer has fewer checks and less cash to count on Sundays.
  3. Record-keeping is easier for both me and my congregation's treasurer.

How will my church’s treasurer know I am participating in Contributions Direct?

Your contribution will come to your congregation or charity by check with a voucher that contains the information you put in the "memo" field when setting up your recurring contribution. This is why it's important to have your name and account number (if applicable) in this field. In addition, if you use the voucher indicated above, your treasurer will have another indication of your contribution.

Does my congregation or charity need an account at Everence Federal Credit Union for me to participate?

No. Only the person making the direct contribution needs to be a member of Everence Federal Credit Union. Contributions Direct can be made to congregations and charitable organizations that accept U.S. funds all over the world.