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  Making green housing affordable
Through community development investing, Praxis Mutual Funds®, a mutual fund family offered by Everence®, supports communities around the world that are working to make themselves stronger.
  Everyday Stewardship - Spring 2017

  Praxis challenges deforestation in Latin America
Adds voice to campaign to defend at risk forests
  Innovative year for positive impact bonds
Praxis invests in new initiatives to support sustainability in Brazil, Finland and more
  Green housing isn’t just for the wealthy
Praxis community development investments support a unique, zero-net-energy affordable housing development
  First-time bonds among new Praxis investments
New impact bonds include firsts for sustainable coffee, Costa Rica and India
  Green Priority Portfolio

The Everence Green Priority Portfolio provides you with an investment option that aligns with a concern for the environment and for sustainability.

  Brightening community with green spaces
Praxis community development investing helps Philadelphia neighbor plant a better future.
  Everyday Stewardship - Summer 2016 issue

  Clean energy products empower women
Community development investing supports better lives for women and their communities