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A day in the life of an Everence marketing intern

By Elise Romero

Elise Romero desk in the morning

This is what my desk looked like in the morning before I got started working on projects!

Elise Romero desk projects 2

During my time as an Everence® marketing intern, I had the chance to improve my writing skills. One of the projects I worked on involved writing a series of web articles, on topics that I developed with one of the other marketing interns. I also got to work on an article where I interviewed someone completely in Spanish - something I had never done before!

Elise Romero staff break 1

Break time!!

Elise Romero staff break 2

At 10:00 every morning, all Everence staff members based in the Goshen, Indiana, corporate office are invited to take a break. They have a variety of refreshment items, including juice, tea, coffee and hot chocolate. (My favorite break time drink was the hot chocolate!) It was a chance for me to interact with other employees and get to know people a little better!

Elise Romero desk projects 3

My internship offered other opportunities for me to work on my Spanish! I translated sermon materials and articles into Spanish (some of which will be available at Translating things from English to Spanish is very different than having a conversation with someone in Spanish, so I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to improve my Spanish writing skills through these different projects!

Elise Romero intern learning opportunities

Once a week, all of the summer interns met with leaders throughout the company to learn about the wide variety of products and services Everence has to offer. Our lunch was provided, and we sometimes had the chance to win fun prizes! We learned about Everence member benefits, financial advisors and representatives, financial planning, investments, human resources and career opportunitiescredit union services and much more.

Elise Romero sitting at desk

I enjoyed the wide range of projects I worked on during my two months as an Everence marketing intern, including research projects, Spanish translations, article writing, data analysis and data quality. With such a variety of daily projects, I never got bored! And as long as I got my projects done by their assigned deadlines, I had the flexibility to organize and prioritize my approach to these projects in a way that best fit my working style. I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent a summer working at Everence!

Interested in applying for an internship at Everence? Contact the Everence Human Resources Department at (800) 348-7468 or

Romero, Elise

Elise Romero

Elise Romero from Goshen, Indiana, interned at Everence during the summer of 2016 and is a member of the Eastern Mennonite University Class of 2017.