Changing lives, embracing new horizons

Dear Friends,

Everence CEO, Kenneth D. Hochstetler

Everence President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Hochstetler

Each of us is on a financial journey, pursuing our dreams and goals. And while our journeys are unique, we’re not walking them alone. Rather, Everence® members – like you – are supporting each other every day, actively reaching toward our new horizons.

Building new bridges

Everence is implementing several exciting initiatives to further develop vibrant relationships. In 2018, we redesigned our member account portal, My Everence, to make it even easier for you to work toward your financial goals. Launching in 2019, our national sales and contact center will serve those who don’t live near an Everence office or prefer working with us by phone or online. And we’re opening a new location in the heart of Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood, where we’re already providing access to resources like financial wellness education, credit union and other services.

Helping pastors find a healthy balance

Since 2016, the Everence Pastoral Financial Wellness Program has helped pastors facing financial stress by providing more than $937,000 in financial assistance grants, $163,000 in financial planning subsidies, and 60 education events with nearly 1,500 participants across the country. And thanks to another generous $1 million grant from the Lilly Endowment, we’ve expanded the program to pastors from our more than 30 affiliated denominations and church networks.

Nurturing the next generation

Being a faithful financial steward isn’t just an adult thing. Questions about money, education and careers are top of mind for youths and young adults, too. That’s why we offer tools and resources specifically designed for younger people. In 2018, Everence employed 16 students from 10 colleges and universities as part of our paid summer internship program. Also, in collaboration with The Mennonite, we launched Smart Living, Simple Money, a podcast produced by and for young adults about how financial decisions might impact – and be impacted by – our faith, values and daily lives. You can catch up on the first season by visiting

We also offer student loans and college scholarships to help students meet their academic and financial goals, and youth savings accounts – which earn a higher rate on deposits than regular savings accounts – to encourage financial responsibility among children under age 18.

Changing lives, embracing new horizons

From collecting winter coats in Indiana to neighborhood projects in Pennsylvania, supporting those living on the margins in Kansas to volunteering in Virginia – Everence members joined together to cultivate the lives and communities we share in 2018. These stories demonstrate how the Everence community is making a difference through conscientious money management, grant-making, community investing and charitable giving programs.

All of us are in this together, embracing what’s ahead. We are honored to walk side-by-side with you toward a horizon that is brighter and more hope-filled than any one of us could imagine alone.


Signature - Ken Hochstetler

Kenneth D. Hochstetler

President and Chief Executive Officer

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)