A shared tomorrow

Dear Friends,

As we move ahead into 2017, many of us are reminded daily of the differences among individuals and groups. We hear stories about people’s lives and perspectives that are outside our experiences.

At Everence, we respect those differences. At the same time, we embrace the common values that bring us together to invest resources in the future that we’ll all share.

Recasting our partnership with congregations

Ken Hochstetler, President and CEO

Our traditional church communities are experiencing change in both structures and relationships. Our faith community – attenders, congregations and church networks – are on the move in new directions.

While this movement may reveal differences within our community, we all have a mutual interest in continuing to serve God’s mission in this world. In 2016, Everence devoted time and resources to re-think how we work with congregations, considering new paths in stewardship ministry.

In 2017, we are listening to pastors about their needs. We’re also reaching out to urban and intercultural churches to better understand their perspectives and stewardship vision. The goal is to recast our approach to working with your congregations and move in a meaningful direction.

In partnerships with two denominations, we launched the Pastoral Financial Assistance Program in 2016 to support pastors in their own financial journeys. Now, a year later, that program has been amazingly successful, and we hope its results will be lasting for those of you who could participate.

Reinventing online interaction

Phones and computers are ever-present today. Many of us are connected all day to the internet to work, shop, communicate and travel. Managing our money is no different.

Everence is devoting people and resources to reinventing your online experience with us – starting with our website this year. More of our interaction with you is via the internet and that will only grow. Within this Everence initiative, our guiding principle is to focus on your experience. We want you to be comfortable interacting with us online, blending it easily with offline conversations with our advisors and staff.

Putting regulations into perspective

The regulatory environment is in flux. Government rules touch many corners of our work with you personally or with your organization in managing people and financial resources. In the midst of changing government oversight, our promise is to continue to concentrate on how we can best serve you under current laws and regulations. This same commitment has driven all Everence activities over the course of time.

What’s ahead?

As we see significant shifts in our society – at home, work and church – Everence is ready to help you address your changing needs in the future, wherever and however it makes sense to come together.

We are ready to work with you and understand how you want to be intentional about being a good steward of your finances and to be generous with others. We will pursue your best interest in helping you plan for the future.

We’re eternally grateful to partner with you in making important financial decisions that deeply affect your families, organizations and churches. We look forward to our shared tomorrow.


Signature - Ken Hochstetler


Kenneth D. Hochstetler

President and Chief Executive Officer


“Even though we are many individuals, Christ makes us one body and individuals who are connected to each other.” – Romans 12:5 (GW)