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Responsibilities and duties

  1. Assume responsibility for the effective and efficient performance of FWC operations (this structure will be evaluated after the first 12 months):
    • Supervise work scheduling and work flow of daily routine operations.
    • Ensure operations are conducted in accordance with established Credit Union policies and with legal and regulatory requirements.
    • Ensure WC security. Open and close facility in accordance with set hours and tests security equipment quarterly.
    • Supervise and assist with member services functions. Cross-sell Everence services: Everence Asset Management, charitable and investment, Retirement Services, financial planning, insurance, etc.
    • Implement changes to established policy and procedures within the Branch.

  2. Maintain proper cash controls:
    • Ensure all Branch transactions are balanced at the close of each day.
    • Oversees individual accountability for the handling of cash and assists tellers in resolving balancing problems.
    • Control and handle remote branch capture in accordance with established policies and procedures.
    • Periodically verify cash in possession of tellers and cash on the premises.

  3. Effectively lead and supervise Branch staff, ensuring optimal performance:
    • Provide leadership through effective objective-setting and communication.
    • Supervise all Wellness center staff. Ensure high quality work and efficiency in operations are maintained. Determine work methods and flow through assigning, directing, coordinating, and reviewing tasks.
    • Conduct regular meetings with FWC employees to inform and train. Discuss areas needing improvement and make changes in procedure as appropriate within policy.
    • Conduct financial education meetings as needed with FWC staff.
    • Ensure that personnel are well trained in all phases of their respective jobs. Complete orientation of new employees in overall FWC procedures. Perform cross training as necessary. Conduct security training.
    • Ensure personnel are effective and optimally used. Determine appropriate staffing levels for proper utilization of human resources.

  4. Establish and maintain effective, professional business relations with members, partner organizations and community networks:
    • Ensure members' requests and questions are promptly resolved. Handle members' complaints.
    • Ensure members are informed of Credit Union services and policies. 
    • Proactively counsel and educate members regarding their financial wellness journey, credit repair options, debt management strategies and other services requested.
    • Establish, nurture and maintain relevant community networks to ensure the FWC and Everence reputation is being appropriately projected.

  5. Lead effective administration of FWC functions:
    • Ensure FWC operations are well coordinated with Credit Union accounting, loan processing, and credit functions.
    • Manage and oversee expenses. Pursue cost-saving measures.
    • Continually seek ways to improve FWC operations and productivity and to meet established goals.
    • Prepare periodic FWC activity reports and make recommendations to management for improvements.
    • Ensure proper security measures, maintenance and general housekeeping of the facility, work areas, desks, and equipment is carried out.
    • Ensure adequate supplies, forms, and equipment are available to provide best customer service.
    • Keep both management and partner organization (our landlord) informed of FWC activities, progress toward established objectives, and of any significant problems. Requests assistance when necessary.

  6. Effectively receive, review, process, and coordinate consumer loan functions:
    • Interview, take applications, gather information, and process preliminary documentation on consumer loan requests. Discuss loan alternatives, credit criteria, interest rates, and loan documentation in such a manner as to elicit positive responses from members.
    • Evaluate and verify consumer loan applications and credit criteria, as required by credit union policy, for effective loan underwriting. Request additional information if required.
    • Coordinate and process loan closings. Ensure each consumer loan is promptly and properly prepared, documented, processed, approved, and disbursed.
    • Review and calculate terms, finance charges, and insurance on consumer loans for proper disclosure on promissory notes.

  7. Assume responsibility for related functions as required or assigned:
    • Substitute for staff and perform duties in FWC positions as needed.
    • Attend assigned training sessions and stay current on new operational procedures.



Bachelor’s degree preferred.


  1. Understanding of banking and/or credit union operations.
  2. At least two years of related experience in a financial institution; supervisory experience preferred.
  3. Spanish (Bilingual) speaker and at least 2 to 3-year cross cultural experience preferred.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. Ability to provide exceptional service.
  2. Adaptability to change and new situations.
  3. Professionalism, honesty, integrity and good listening skills to build rapport and relationships.
  4. Strong interpersonal, communication and organizational skills.
  5. Strong leadership and supervisory skills.
  6. Accuracy and attention to detail with mathematical aptitude and analytical skills.
  7. Ability to exercise good judgment, solve problems, offer sound advice and cross-selling products and services.
  8. Adaptability to changing workflows to remain productive in fast-paced and slower times.
  9. Availability to work based on branch needs.
  10. Availability and ability to represent Everence as Financial Wellness Educator in both community and congregational settings.

Supervisory responsibilities: Financial Wellness Center(s)/ FWC Administrator/teller(s)

Schedule: Full-time, 40 hours a week

Location: Everence Philadelphia office

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