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Working with Everence and product management, provide primary leadership and support for the development and promotion of “integrating faith and finances” distinctive for non-Praxis products and services, including the use of impact investments and community development finance and investing strategies.



  1. Lead the development and promotion of the “integrating faith and finances” distinctive (outside of Praxis) via the Everence website, internal publications, marketing/communication channels, client presentations and media outreach.
  2. Assume a primary role in staff training and education, community/constituent presentations, and advisor support around the Everence philosophy of integrating faith and finances through products and services.
  3. Provide counsel, contacts and proactive support to Everence management and advisors in leveraging opportunities and developing distinctive products to actively integrate faith and finances through Everence Asset Management, Mennonite Retirement Trust, Everence Retirement Services, Mennonite Foundation, Everence Federal Credit Union and Everence Association.
  4. Lead and provide primary support for efforts to integrate impact investments across Everence platforms and to leverage these opportunities to the benefit of Everence and its clients.
  5. Deploy and deliver knowledge, skill, experience and contacts in support of Everence community development investing/financing initiatives such as those with the Everence Urban Initiative, Everence Federal Credit Union, Everence Church Loan Program, etc., at both a national and local level.
  6. Represent and support Everence in faith-based investing and Anabaptist-related investing/impact initiatives as necessary and appropriate.
  7. Oversee the proxy voting activities and compliance for Praxis Mutual Funds and Everence Trust Company in collaboration with the Everence proxy voting vendor, including policy development and support, trend analysis, internal/external reporting, Form NPX preparation, and internal compliance spot checks, as needed.


  1. Lead and enhance analysis, reporting and communication for the Praxis Mutual Funds (equity and fixed income) in the areas of investment performance and Values + ESG impact.
  2. Develop and deliver analysis and research-based content (white papers, articles, social media content, info sheets, etc.) for use in market positioning, sales outreach and client/constituent education.
  3. Guide and assist the Praxis sales team in researching and analyzing various market, prospect, and competitive sales opportunities, as needed.
  4. Through research, analysis, and market knowledge, assist Praxis strategic development initiatives, as requested.


Education: Bachelor’s degree required, master’s degree preferred with studies in business, social sciences, community development, finance and/or communications.

Experience: Five-seven years’ experience with impact investing, community development investing, community development finance/banking or impact analysis expected.

Skills and Abilities:

  1. A commitment to justice, faith, and social action combined with an appreciation for and knowledge of the workings of the business and/or investment community.
  2. Significant knowledge and experience in research, data analysis and written communication.
  3. An existing network of contacts within the impact investing, community development finance/banking or impact investing fields.
  4. Advances skills in the use of Microsoft Office including Excel, Word, and PowerPoint and other research, analysis and communication tools.
  5. Proven presentation and communication skills (verbal and written) connecting with a variety of audiences.
  6. A passion for and history of involvement with socially-responsible investing, faith-based investing, impact investing or ESG expected and required for optimum job performance and satisfaction.
  7. Willingness and ability to travel approximately 15 to 25 nights a year, as needed.

Schedule: Full time

Location: Corporate office – Goshen, Indiana or Everence Core Market Field Office, Philadelphia, PA 

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