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Location: Goshen, IN

Hours: 40 hours per week


The HR Training and Development internship will assist in the organization, analysis and creation of a training matrix to outline learning and development opportunities or the organization’s human capital. The intended outcome is the development of a leadership and manager development track aligning management competencies to Everence’s mission, vision and values and strategic priorities.

  • Identify and create a master list of the existing training and development (T/D) opportunities at Everence.
  • Classify the T/D opportunities by leadership/non-leadership/general.
  • For leadership development, analyze the T/D opportunities against the Manager competencies and mission/vision/values to begin to develop a matrix for management/leadership development. Consider if the two would be the same or different matrices/tracks.
  • Identify gaps as opportunities and shape the opportunity into topics. Review initial matrix and affirm and or with Everence Senior Leadership at Everence the match their plan for manager/leadership development.
  • Research, analyze and develop learning objectives to describe the achievement of competency in the topic.
  • Research available options for content to deliver leadership and manager training.
  • Visualize the delivery if chunked, sequenced and layered; considering what competencies should be delivered first; next, etc. to attain a level of collective competency over a known timeframe.
  • Additional projects and duties may be assigned to assist the HR team.


  • Entering junior or senior year of a bachelor’s degree, preference to master’s degree candidate
  • Analytical and problem-solving
  • Detail-oriented
  • Self-disciplined and demanding of oneself; self-starter; energetic
  • Willingness to interact with others across all levels of the organization

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