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For businesses and organizations

You work to attract and keep talented employees by providing good benefits. Your Everence representative can help you determine which plan will best serve your organization and help your employees. If you are a business owner, consider your own retirement and whether a business succession plan would help. 

Business succession planning

You have worked hard to build a business. Is your family or your partner prepared to take over in your absence? Let us help you prepare for the unexpected.

Everence Retirement Services

Many employers like you have found the 401(k) and other savings plans to be an ideal way to help employees save for retirement. Available for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Mennonite Retirement Trust

If your organization is a Mennonite church or church-related agency, you can offer your employees a retirement plan from Mennonite Retirement Trust.

SEP and SIMPLE plans

If you’re a small employer – or if you’re self-employed – your professional community may seem more like a family. And because of those close relationships, perhaps it’s even more important for you to help your employees save for retirement.