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Products and services for congregations


Everence Federal Credit Union has developed a line of products and services to meet the financial needs of congregations. This includes both the church itself and the church’s employees.

Church checking

You have two options for checking accounts for your congregation with Everence Federal Credit Union: 1. Regular: no fees, no minimum balance, unlimited check writing; 2. Dividend: interest-bearing, unlimited check writing.

Church savings

Regular savings, certificates, money market accounts, clubs, and SEPs are all savings options available for your congregation.

Credit and debit cards

In a world that increasingly relies on plastic for point-of-sale transactions and cash, Everence Federal Credit Union offers both a credit card and a combination debit / ATM card with some unique features.


Check account balances, make transfers, stop payments, reorder checks, access monthly e-statements all free, all in 'real time,' all available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also offer electronic bill payment for congregations.

Everence Church Loans

Everence offers mortgage loans to Anabaptist congregations and institutions for building new facilities or improving existing facilities.

Health savings accounts

Our health savings plan makes it possible to set aside money tax-free for qualified medical expenses. An Everence HSA also has a variety of investment options and ways to access the account.