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Banking for youth

Everence Federal Credit Union is not just for adults. We're also here to help young people save money and learn how to use it responsibly and efficiently. We have designed several services specifically for young people up to age 18 to achieve these goals.

In addition to the above services geared specifically for youth, Everence Federal Credit Union welcomes young people to use our other services such as online banking and electronic bill payment.

Youth Covenant Savings

As a young person, you will get a higher dividend rate on your savings when a parent, grandparent or other adult matches your deposits.

Youth debit card

A youth checking account automatically includes a MasterCard® debit card, providing access to thousands of surcharge free ATMs for cash withdrawals throughout the world.

Young people can learn the value of money

Help youths learn the value of money by using these games and online resources to teach them to save, spend and use credit wisely.