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Everence® credit cards


Everence Federal Credit Union offers MasterCard® credit cards for individuals and Visa® credit cards for businesses. All Everence credit cards have no annual fees and no interest charged on purchases if paid within 25 days of the statement date. The Everence credit card provides cardholders the opportunity to give back to their community. Read more about our MyNeighbor program.

MasterCard® credit cards for individuals

Personal cards have an annual percentage rate of 8.9 percent to 16.9 percent, based on credit history.

You can apply online or by completing the personal credit card application. Please print and return the application by delivering it to any Everence Federal Credit Union office, or by faxing the application to (717) 735-8331, or mailing the application to Everence Federal Credit Union Card Center, 2160 Lincoln Highway East, Suite 20, Lancaster, PA 17602.

With an Everence personal credit card, you can access your account online through It's Me 247.

When applying for a personal credit card, please read the credit card disclosure and view rate information.


Visa® credit cards for businesses and congregations

On a Visa® credit card account for businesses or congregations, you may have as many cards and authorized users as you wish. Business cards have an annual percentage rate of  9.9 percent to 13.9 percent. Businesses can choose a consolidated monthly bill or individual card statements. To apply, complete the Visa credit card business application and follow the instructions on the form.

With an Everence business card account, you can access your business cards online with eZBusiness Card Management. This service allows the company to:

  • View accounts and balances on one screen
  • View past and current statements
  • Download transactions
  • Make payments
  • Modify credit limits
  • Close employee credit cards

When applying for a business credit card, please read the Visa® credit card disclosure.