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MasterCard® debit cards

An Everence Federal Credit Union MasterCard® debit card has two purposes. You can use it for point-of-sale purchases instead of writing checks at merchants that accept MasterCard® debit or check cards. The same card can also be used for cash withdrawals and transfers at ATMs displaying the MasterCard®, Cirrus, Star, and Jeanie logos.

Cash withdrawals from all Everence Federal Credit Union ATMs are surcharge-free when you use your Everence Federal Credit Union debit card. In addition, we belong to three networks of credit unions that do not charge each other for ATM usage: CO-OP, Alliance One, and CU$. These three networks have a combined total of more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

MasterCard® debit card applications

Everence Federal Credit Union debit cards are available for individuals, businesses, congregations.

MasterCard® debit card resources

When applying for a debit card, either individual or business, please read the MasterCard® debit card disclosure.

We now have chip technology for enhanced security and protection when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals in over 130 countries. For your convenience, check out our chip card FAQs.

If you lose your Everence Federal Credit Union MasterCard credit card, or if it is stolen, please contact us immediately at (800) 528-2273 or (812) 647-9794 for international cardholders.

If you wish to dispute a charge which appears on your MasterCard® debit card statement please call (800) 808-6402 or contact your local branch.