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Online banking

Haven’t set up online banking yet? Get started today by contacting us at (800) 451-5719. If you already have an It's Me 247 Online Banking account, you can login here or by clicking the button below.

It’s Me 247 Online Banking allows you to access your account balances and transfer funds anytime, anywhere. Even apply for a loan, open a certificate, change automatic transfers and set up e-alerts. Below are a list of some of the most popular features on It’s Me 247.The site is also mobile optimized for viewing on your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Login to It's Me 247 Online Banking


If you get locked out of online banking, call one of our offices or (800) 451-5719. Lockouts generally occur when you attempts to access the system unsuccessfully three times in succession or you haven’t logged in to It’s Me 247 for more than 90 days.


Downloads into Quickbooks and Quicken are available by selecting 'Downloads' on the My Accounts tab.

Check images

From the My Accounts tab, choose Cleared Checks. You can search for a cleared check by entering the  check number or a date range. There is no fee for viewing or printing check images from It’s Me 247. Note, however, that the system only has check images available for six months. If you need a photocopy of an earlier check, call (800) 451-5719.


As a user of online banking, you can also opt to have your monthly member statements sent to you electronically rather than via paper through the mail. Sign up for e-statements by logging into It’s Me 247. Click on the My Documents tab to enroll.

Transfer between your accounts

You can make transfer between your various accounts. Transfer can be set-up to occur immediately or for recurring transfers – ones that happen automatically at certain periods. Contact one of our offices or call (800) 451-5719 to have your account’s set-up so you jump between your accounts and make transfers.

Transfer to other member’s accounts

You can also transfer money to accounts of other Everence Federal Credit Union members. You will need to know the account number, suffix and primary owner’s last name to set up a transfer outside your own account.

Stop Payments

To initiate a check stop payment, select Check Stop Payment from the My Accounts tab. Be aware that there is a fee for each stop payment you make.

Info Center

You can send secure messages to Everence Federal Credit Union through this section. Think of it as an email directly to the credit union. Also, watch this section for important messages from the credit union on periodic basis. Also, on the Info Center tab you can update your address, contact preferences, set up e-alert subscriptions, find helpful links and update your preferences.