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Savings accounts

As a member of Everence Federal Credit Union, you have a variety of savings options available: regular, club, certificates, money market and IRAs.


Certificates are available in maturities from three to 60 months with minimum balances of $500-$100,000. Dividends are compounded quarterly. (Penalties apply for early withdrawal.)

Club accounts

Do you need help saving money?

Opening a club account with us may be just what you need to get you started on your path to a new vehicle, the vacation you’ve dreamed of, or managing your Christmas purchases in advance.

To help you save for gift-buying season, for example, try a Christmas club account … deposits become available every October. Other club accounts can be set up and customized to help you meet any savings goal.

Setting aside even a small amount regularly can help you reach your financial goals over the long term. Here are some examples:

  • $5/week=$260 in a year
  • $10/week=$520
  • $15/week=$780
  • $20/week=$1,040
  • $25/week=$1,300

And to make saving even easier, you can sign up for payroll deductions or automatic transfers into your club accounts.

Ready to get started? Call us today to take the first step toward reaching your goals.


We offer two kinds of individual retirement accounts: (a) traditional and (b) Roth. We also have a Self Employed Pension (SEP) program. For more information, to discuss the kind of IRA that is best for you, or to secure an application to open a Everence Federal Credit Union IRA, call (800) 322-0440 and ask to speak with the IRA representative. Or email us at

Education saving accounts

We offer Coverdell education savings accounts to save for college. Contributions up to $2,000 annually can be made into the an account with after-tax dollars, but the fund grows tax deferred.

Money market*

Our money market accounts are for members who want to earn dividends with limited check writing privileges. And there is no monthly fee if the average daily balance does not fall below $2,500. Six free check or withdrawals permitted each month and fees apply for more withdrawals.

Share savings

Deposit $5 in a regular share savings account and it must stay in the credit union as long as you are a member. You may add to this $5 in any amount you wish.

Jubilee Savings*

We pay the highest dividends on the first $500 in a Jubilee Savings account. Contact your local office to open a Jubilee Savings account today!

*Dividend rates vary according to account balance.