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Health services

Everence offers valuable services and tools – to help you take care of your health and save time and money.

Online services and going paperless

Find a provider

You can save money on your insurance premiums by participating in a PPO. Find out more about the advantages of participating in a PPO, as well as locate the PPO for your area.

EPIC Hearing Health Care

You can get lower prices on hearing diagnostics and hearing aids, thanks to a contract between Everence and EPIC Hearing Health Care. Read more about the advantages this offers you.

Medical management

At times, medical situations can arise that have the potential to result in long-term care, high-cost claims, or both. We can help you, your family, and your doctors explore options and find the care that best meets the needs of your situation. See how our medical management services help.

Prescription drug services

Find out how you can take advantage of the prescription drug services offered by Everence and our partners.

Specialized disease management

Living with a long-term illness can be a struggle – and expensive. That’s why we provide specialized disease management assistance, to help you and your family manage your health and save money on health care costs.