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Charitable Giving

Gift planning

Donors tell us making gifts and donations to a favorite charity is one of life’s greatest joys. By planning your tithing and charitable giving, you can make your dollars go further than they would by simply writing a check. Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence) can help.

A legacy at your death

Support for church and charitable causes is a natural part of life for those who believe in the biblical concept of stewardship. A bequest plan with Mennonite Foundation, an Affiliate of Everence, can help you witness to your faith even after your death and may also help you reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

Charitable lead trust

A charitable lead trust is a unique tool that allows you to use an income-producing asset to support charity and save taxes, but still allows you to retain the asset principal yourself or pass it on to those you care about.

Donor advised fund

At Mennonite Foundation, we know how supporting a favorite charity can be one of life’s greatest joys. Our donor advised fund is a unique, flexible and accessible way for you to make a difference – and receive tax benefits.

Establishing a will

No matter how large or how small your estate, a will should be one of your first acts of stewardship. It is your chance to care for those you love: your family, your friends, and your church.

Family endowment funds

Charitable giving can become a family activity with a family endowment fund administered by Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence). Because such a fund is established for the long term, it can involve multiple generations of family members - and charities enjoy long-term support.

Farm commodities

Farming presents special opportunities to make donations to charity and reduce your taxes. You can give gifts of grain, livestock – even honey. Not only do charities benefit, but you can deduct the cost of production and you may qualify for other tax benefits as well. Give more with our help.

Gift annuities

A gift annuity through Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence) is a great way to help your favorite charities while securing your future. It’s a gift that provides you with guaranteed payments for life and frees you from managing funds that you intend to eventually give away.

Gifts of stock

Many people who own stocks or shares in mutual funds have watched the value of their investments increase. But now they face a problem – how to turn their investments into cash without losing a large portion of their gains to taxes. One answer is to donate all or a portion of your investment to charity. Mennonite Foundation, an affiliate of Everence, can help.

Gifts of real estate

Giving a charitable gift of real estate is an option for owners of farmland, commercial or residential rental property, or vacant investment land.

Give an IRA

If you have a traditional IRA, you already know it can be a powerful vehicle for accumulating tax-deferred savings. But did you know that by donating it to charity at your death, you can avoid paying substantial taxes that would be due?

Giving through life insurance

Life insurance is a practical and affordable way for you to do more than you may have thought possible. Gifts of $50,000, $100,000, $500,000 and even more are within reach. Donors no longer need to accumulate great wealth to make substantial and meaningful gifts.