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Planning and Advice


Get help from Everence in addressing finances, staff benefits, and other stewardship issues in your congregation. Pastors: we offer assistance in managing your own personal finances as well as resources to inspire your church members.


Congregational Stewardship Resource Manual

This web-based manual is intended to provide resources to help your congregation better navigate many of the stewardship opportunities and challenges in today’s world.

Stewardship Advocates

Stewardship advocates are volunteers who help their churches integrate faith and finances through our congregational ministry programs.

Mennonite Retirement Trust

Mennonite and Anabaptist-related congregations can participate in MRT to help pastors and staff save for retirement.

Pastor resources

Planning a sermon or worship theme on stewardship? Here are materials you may find useful in your preparation as well as the Everence approach toward stewardship.

The Corinthian Plan

To help your church offer health and insurance benefits to your pastor and church staff, Everence provides a range of services.