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Presentations on a variety of financial topics

Understanding long-term-care insurance
Scott Luty, Financial Advisor

In this webinar, you’ll hear about covering the high cost of long-term care, what long-term care is--and is not, ensuring quality of care, maintaining your independence

Retiring Soon
Robert Wall, Financial Advisor

This presentation covers Medicare enrollment details and deadlines, budgeting for health care and income in retirement, what are your options if you continue to work, when to start taking Social Security, prescription drug coverage, and Medicare Part A and Part B

Managing money, conquering debt
Darryl Dahlheimer, Program Director with LSS Financial Counseling

In this webinar, we cover red flags to look for in your finances, which debt you should pay off first, how to know when you’re giving your children too much money, whether student loans are “good debt”, your credit score, and how to track and manage your expenses.

Tools to maximize your charitable giving
Mitch Stutzman, Charitable Services Representative

A presentation that explains tools you can access to support your favorite causes, maximizing your giving through special assets, and ways to receive personal income while supporting the causes you believe in.

Women and money

Andrea Bontrager Unzicker, Managing Director

In this presentation, we discuss the special financial needs of women, saving for the future (including retirement), and getting started on a sound investment plan.

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