Dr. Calvin W. Redekop receives Everence Journey Award

Recognition for a life spent engaging in and advocating for the practice of stewardship

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Dr. Calvin W. Redekop was named the recipient of the 2017 Regional Journey Award from the Everence® office in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The award will be presented on Aug. 31, 2017, from 5 to 6:30 p.m. at The Gathering Place (behind the Everence office), 541 Mount Clinton Pike, Harrisonburg.

This award recognizes that Redekop, a resident of Harrisonburg, has dedicated all his life to the practice of stewardship, both personally and professionally. Created in 2001, the Journey Award highlights what people of faith are doing as stewards of their God-given gifts.

“It has been a privilege for me to get to know Cal,” stated Teresa Boshart Yoder, Managing Director of the Everence team in Harrisonburg. “He is one of the most generous people I know, his life reflects his stewardship beliefs, practices and heartfelt generosity.”

Redekop has spent his life engaging in and advocating for the practice of stewardship. As a university professor in the field of sociology, he has inspired many students to think broadly about their world. Redekop and his late wife, Freda, practiced a simple living life style, advocated for justice in all aspects of life, and professionally taught and wrote books and articles on the practice of stewardship, including Creation and the Environment: An Anabaptist Perspective on a Sustainable World.

In his personal life, Redekop practices simple living by biking and walking in the community. He has also supported a local garden project as a way of urging institutions and individuals to grow and buy local fresh vegetable produce. He has committed major financial resources for current and future charitable purposes in support of gender, environmental and economic justice.

Redekop attends Park View Mennonite Church in Harrisonburg, where he is an advocate for care of all of God’s creation. A professor emeritus at Conrad Grebel University College (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), Redekop continues to write and advocate for the care of the environment in his retirement, and is actively involved in the promotion of solar energy.

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