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Tips to help you keep this Holiday season happy and joyous

The Holiday season can be the most wonderful time of the year. But with demands of gift-giving, travel and other expenses, it can also be a cause for extra financial stress. Here are a few tips to help you keep this Holiday season happy and joyous.

1. First, seek the Lord. Ask him for creativity to bless those you love while staying within your budget.

2. Make your list, set a realistic budget and use cash. Aim for simplicity and to create memories.

3. Have a holiday spending plan and stick to it! For most people, spending goes up during the holiday season. Knowing in advance what you’d like to spend is a good first step in keeping your expenses under control. Take a little time to consider what’s reasonable, develop a simple spending plan … then stick to it!

4. Protect yourself against identity theft. The holiday season is prime time for identity thieves. Make sure you keep your Social Security number private. The same goes for PINs, account numbers and passwords. Be careful when you share a computer. Make sure you log out of all sites you visit and delete your login or private information. Shred any documents that contain personal information and be cautious when using an ATM.

5. Suggest that your family support another, less fortunate, family this year. Local churches and nonprofits can help you find a worthy family. It’s a great way to give back this holiday season … not to mention the fun and togetherness it can bring to your own family.

6. Reduce your use of credit cards. Studies show that using a credit card usually results in people spending more money. Using cash has the opposite effect. Speaking of credit cards, paying down any balances promptly can help you avoid or reduce interest (which is almost always very high).

7. Give long-lasting gifts. Rather than toys and other throw-away items, consider gifts that last much longer. One idea is to contribute to a grandchild’s college account. Your Everence office can help determine the best strategy for this. Another idea is to buy animals or seeds through Heifer International that will help sustain a family in need of food. Some people on your list might appreciate you supporting an organization like that on their behalf rather than buying them a gift.

8. Consider a non-cash charitable gift. Charities appreciate cash gifts. But did you know you can also give non-cash gifts? Real estate, stocks and many other non-cash gifts are great ways to support your favorite charity. Everence can show you how.

9. Contrary to what the world tells you, gifts don’t have to cost money. Give time. Pass down an heirloom. Give your talents by teaching or tutoring. Can you cook, sew, or do repairs? Whether or not money is an issue, we have an obligation to steward what God’s provided.

10. Finally, if you begin to feel anxious about money matters, just remember this Bible verse: And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. — Philippians 4:19.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Everence!

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