Events in Souderton and Philadelphia focus on values-based investing

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Investment workshops March 2019

Everence believes that investment choices can reflect personal values and make a positive impact on communities around the world. In March, Mark Regier led several workshops around this idea of values-based investing for the Souderton and Philadelphia markets. The events were well attended by individuals and non-profit leaders and spread out over the course of three days.

The first event was a presentation on individual investing titled, “Does God care how you invest?” This session, with over 45 attendees, focused on how personal investment decisions can reflect an individual’s faith values and make a positive impact in both local and global communities. This presentation also highlighted how Everence’s framework for investment policies is based in a set of shared values.

Continuing the week of presentations, the next day 24 leaders from 14 different non-profit organizations in the Souderton area gathered at Living Branches for conversations based around the role of values-based investing within their different organizations.

Later that week, 31 leaders from 18 different non-profit organizations all based in Philadelphia met for a similar conversation on organizational values-based investing. This event was specifically designed for the group of Philadelphia-based non-profit leaders.

For more information, visit the Everence stewardship investing page.

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