Everence members pay off $1.8 million in debt

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Thanks to partnership with LSS Financial Counseling

Thanks to a partnership with LSS Financial Counseling, Everence® members and clients have paid off a combined total of $1.8 million in debt over the course of nine years.

The $1.8 million represents the major steps individuals and families have made to tackle their financial concerns, such as credit card debt, student loan repayments, foreclosure prevention and overall money management issues.

“Our financial journeys are not always a straight path, and we’re glad to partner with LSS to provide this compassionate and confidential service,” said Beryl M. Jantzi, D.Min., Everence Director of Stewardship Education. “Every dollar is bringing individuals and families closer to a life free of debt.”

Since 2008, Everence has partnered with LSS Financial Counseling, a service of Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, to offer confidential budget and debt counseling from certified credit counselors (up to six sessions) at no cost to thousands of Everence members. LSS is one of the nation’s leading consumer credit counseling agencies and has a 30-year history of providing nonprofit, certified financial counseling.

Everence members may access this service toll-free at (877) 809-0039 for English-language counselors or (855) 292-0131 for Spanish-language counselors. Amish and related faith communities may also utilize this service through mail correspondence, details of which is available through local Everence offices.