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Everence recognizes $3 billion in assets under management; over $1 billion in giving

GOSHEN, Ind. – Jesus talked about money – a lot. Many Anabaptists got his memo.

Everence has surpassed the $3 billion marker of dollars it manages on behalf of individuals, congregations and organizations. “We are thrilled to celebrate this milestone, recognizing our partnership with so many people and groups that integrate faith values with their financial decisions,” said Ken Hochstetler, President and CEO.

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The faith community’s generosity is also recognized as Everence celebrates another milestone of $1.25 billion in charitable giving through the organization.

Holding the $3 billion in assets beside the $1.25 billion in gifts is a compelling demonstration that stewardship and generosity truly matters to our faith community,” said Hochstetler.

“Our members are indeed generous people who work with us to give away more than they could possibly imagine,” added Hochstetler. “And the cumulative amount reflects the additive effect of Everence’s skilled professional team members over nearly 72 years."

The $1.2 billion represents how much has been shared throughout the history of Everence. It consists primarily of charitable gifts that individuals gave away through Everence Charitable Services, but also includes Everence Sharing Fund grants and Rebates for Mission donations.

“We have reached both of these milestones today because of seeds planted by many people since the founding of our organization in 1945,” said Hochstetler. “We are thankful for the trust that people place in Everence that made these milestones possible."

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