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Members will be kept informed about potential impact on their own health plans

Everence responded Thursday to the Supreme Court ruling on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and said it will continue to work with members and groups it serves for the implementation of the law, while mindful of how federal elections could impact the overall law and its further regulations.

Members with a fully insured individual health plan or employers with a small group health plan from Everence will not experience any immediate changes to benefits or coverage.

“The court’s decision is another significant step to the law’s expected full implementation through 2014. Everence will assess the continued regulations for their full impact on our members and their health coverage,” said David Gautsche, senior vice president of products and services.

“As always, we expect to keep members informed in the future of changes to their plans,” Gautsche said. “Everence remains concerned about people’s access to health care and to rising medical expenses, which is a major driver of overall coverage costs.”

He also said Everence continues to search for and develop ways to help members manage their health care costs.

The ruling has little impact on Everence Medicare supplement plans, or on the large self-funded groups, church health plans and pools that Everence serves. “We will continue to consult with our large employers and church plans regarding future implications of health care regulations,” Gautsche said.

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