Which charity will receive your MyNeighbor donations?

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Selecting your charitable organization - your Neighbor - is easy with the MyNeighbor dashboard

If you haven’t selected your Neighbor – the charitable organization receiving the donation generated through using your MyNeighbor card – or want to select a new one, log in to the mobile app or online banking to get started!

If you are selecting a Neighbor through the mobile app:

  • Select and open “My Accounts” label.
  • Choose the tab labeled “Credit Cards.”
  • Once it’s opened, select the “MyNeighbor Dashboard” button.

If you are selecting a Neighbor through online banking:

  • Hover over “My Accounts” and click on “Account Summary.”
  • Find the section “Credit Cards” and click on “MYNEIGHBHOR MC.”
  • Select “MyNeighbor Dashboard.”

In this dashboard, you will see your generated impact for the year, plus the "lifetime" of your card. You will also see a search function which allows you to search for and select a Neighbor at any time. Whichever Neighbor is selected as of Dec. 31 will receive you generated donations for that year. 

If you have any questions or need to set up your online banking login information, contact call (800) 451-5719.

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MyNeighbor is an easy way to support your favorite charitable organization, your Neighbor, through your normal shopping routines. 

For every grocery, gas or other purchase you make, Everence will donate 1.50 percent of the transaction total to your selected Neighbor.

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