MyNeighbor program generates donations for nonprofits

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Over $386,000 in donations were given to support nonprofits

Everence® Financial donated over $386,000 in January to 497 charitable organizations and congregations through its MyNeighbor program.

“The MyNeighbor program is just one way we are helping our members spread generosity in our communities,” said Ken Hochstetler, President and CEO of Everence. “In only two and a half years, we’ve donated nearly $1 million to local and global nonprofits that our members care for – that’s the kind of work I am passionate about!”

As the MyNeighbor program grows, so do the involvement and impact of our nonprofits. For example, this year, one nonprofit received nearly $18,000 generated by 68 different MyNeighbor cardholders.

Since its inception in April 2017, the MyNeighbor program has generated nearly $1 million for congregations, schools and other types of nonprofits.

With the MyNeighbor program, individuals and businesses generate reward dollars for their favorite nonprofits every time they use their MyNeighbor credit cards from Everence Federal Credit Union. 

Each time you buy groceries, pay bills or make other purchases, Everence will donate 1.50 percent of the purchase total to the charity of your choice. Then, in January, Everence writes and sends checks to the selected charities.

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Everence helps individuals, organizations and congregations integrate faith with finances through a national team of financial professionals. Everence offers banking, insurance and financial services with community benefits and stewardship education. Everence is a ministry of Mennonite Church USA and other churches.

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The new Everence credit card program, MyNeighbor, offers individuals, businesses and congregations the unique ability to generate donations for their favorite charitable organization each time they use the card.

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