Need a health sidekick?

As a wellness coach, I'm often asked why people choose to work with a coach to improve their health.

It’s a good question, considering the internet is full of health tools, ideas and support communities – not to mention the popularity of wearable fitness trackers.

Information and tools can be useful – but here are three reasons why people turn to a wellness coach:

  • They are tired of trying to make changes alone. Perhaps a doctor advised them to make a change. They want to, but don’t have the kind of support or structure to make it happen. Wellness coaching helps people follow through on their good intentions.
  • They are discouraged by quick fixes that don’t last. Lose three pounds in three days! Don’t you love quick fixes? We all do. When people want change that sticks three years and beyond, wellness coaching helps them trade off easy answers for lasting change.
  • Life gets in the way. Eat right. Get exercise. Sleep more. Simple fixes to common wellness issues, right? We know life’s not that easy. Reaching our goals often means detouring first into non-health issues such as a family’s busy schedule or work routines that make it harder to take care of our health. We can’t deal with some wellness issues very well if we only focus on physical habits.

When people do feel good after wellness coaching, the energizing benefits of good health flow through to their workplaces, families and communities.

Trina Stutzman, Certified Wellness Coach, works with employees of many organizations, including Everence GroupCare client employers.

Trina Stutzman


Trina Stutzman
Certified Wellness Coach