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Get in the habit of home meal preparation

My 14-year-old son is 6’3” and hungry. All the time.

After the mortgage, food costs are the largest expense on my family’s cash flow plan.

With today’s busy families, eating out has become the norm – leading to higher food costs and less-healthy options for our kids. Here are some quick tips to help you control how much you spend on food.

PLAN ahead.

Make a simple meal plan. Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Sausage Saturday. Write down your schedule first, then plan the meals around the schedule. Consider having your groceries delivered.

PREPARE extra.

When you do cook at home, make enough for more than one meal. Prep cook on the weekends. Cook a chicken in a slow cooker and eat it three ways that week. Prepare your lunch from leftovers when you clean up from dinner.

PROTECT family dinner.

Pick at least one night that you all sit around the dinner table together. What you eat isn’t important – the conversations that arise are. Don’t let busyness steal precious moments as a family.

While it takes discipline and planning to eat healthy and at home, the difference in cost is dramatic.

Saving money on food will allow you more income to give, save or enjoy.

Jen McCoy is a mother of four and a Financial Advisor with Everence® in our Lancaster, Pennsylvania, office.

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Jen McCoy
Financial Consultant

Get a grip on your money

Planning your upcoming meals can help you spend your food dollars more wisely.

And planning your overall household spending within the context of a budget can help you gain better control over your finances for a brighter future.

And talk to Everence to find out how we can help.

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