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A student in Illinois is pushing ahead with her college degree plans after brain tumor surgery.

Sara Solis of Rock Island, Illinois, has no intention of letting a brain tumor stop her from earning her college degree and starting her career.

Sara Solis w/mother

The summer after graduating from high school in 2015, Sara’s severe headaches led to an MRI, which revealed the tumor.

Surgeons removed most of the tumor and shrank the rest of it with daily radiation treatments. Taking out the whole tumor could have cost Sara the vision in her right eye.

Sara’s mother, Carmen Raya, took significant time off from work to care for Sara. A Sharing Fund grant from Everence® matched a donation from their home congregation to help with expenses.

Sara earned a scholarship from Augustana College and hopes for a career in international business after she earns her degree.

Photo by Paul Colletti

Jim Miller


Jim Miller