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How to make your generosity shine even brighter

Generosity’s outlook is bright. Last year, Americans broke all records for charitable giving, according to a Giving USA 2017 report. This vital boost of optimism is easy to miss amid the challenges in our nation and world.

Many people find special joy in spreading generosity during this season of giving. Everence Charitable Services is prepared to help you realize your vision for generosity.

You can support churches and charities that rely on year-end gifts

One-third of all online donations stream in during the month of December, according to the Network for Good. These critical gifts power nonprofits’ missions throughout the year.

You can often be more generous than you imagined and realize tax benefits

Our financial advisors can help you map out a plan for your year-end giving. With a little planning, you may uncover new avenues for generosity and tax savings.

You can give in many ways

In addition to cash, our clients often gift:

  • Stocks and other assets that have risen in value
  • Retirement funds or unused life insurance
  • IRA retirement disbursements
  • Farm commodities – including wheat, corn, livestock – and even eggs and honey

You’ll find a variety of individualized options such as:

  • A gift annuity that makes payments back
  • A donor advised fund that offers simplicity and flexibility

And the best part – you are joining with others to create a network of generosity through Everence that’s illuminating our communities and world.

“I get to have a front-row seat to all the good in humanity,” says Nikki Shingle, director of charitable relations, about the privilege of listening to your stories and helping you to integrate your faith and values with your generosity toward churches, missions, ministries and nonprofit organizations.

If you’re interested in spreading even more light in 2017 – there’s still time

See how your gift can work and the potential tax advantages. Contact your Everence office, visit or call (800) 348-7468.

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Everence helps individuals, organizations and congregations integrate finances with faith through a national team of advisors and representatives. Everence offers banking, insurance and financial services with community benefits and stewardship education. Everence is a ministry of Mennonite Church USA and other churches. To learn more, visit or call (800) 348-7468.

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