Scammers target older adults during COVID-19

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Be alert for unusual messages “from the government”

Older adults have always been a target of scammers. But now in the era of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, they are moving into high gear to take advantage of the chaos and fear in society to defraud everyone, and especially older adults.

One current scam is a threatening letter that says your Social Security benefit will be suspended or discontinued because Social Security offices are closed due to COVID-19. The letter states you must share your personal information or make special payments to maintain your Social Security benefits. 

Watch for any requests from strangers who want you to:

  • Give them your Medicare or Social Security number or other personal information
  • Buy a “COVID-19 kit” or “Coronavirus package.”


  • Medicare and Social Security will never call you. Scammers can call from numbers that appear on your phone as direct government phone numbers. 
  • Social Security or Medicare will never ask you to make a payment in exchange for new benefits or assistance.

If you receive a suspicious letter, text, call or email or if you see unfamiliar medical expenses on your Medicare claims notices, report them at (800) MEDICARE or Report Social Security Scams

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Judy Martin Godshalk
Marketing Manager, Health Plan Services