Struggling to make ends meet?

Take control, build some financial stability

According to a 1recent analysis by Pew Research Center, 32 percent of people ages 18-34 are still living with their parents and just under 32 percent are living with a spouse or partner. That leaves about 36 percent on their own.

When one adds up the cost of living in major cities, 2record level amounts of college debt (more than $1.3 trillion), and the entry-level wages for those just starting out, it’s no wonder many young adults are struggling to make ends meet.

If this feels and sounds like your life, here’s where you can start to take control and build some financial stability:

  1. Sharpen your budgeting skills: The best way to create financial stability is to budget your money. This means giving a job to every dollar you earn, planning for “rainy days” and tracking your progress.
  2. Do the hustle: Get a side gig. This could be a formal second job, but doesn’t have to be. Get creative. Build or make things and sell them. Walk dogs. Shop for others.
  3. Split the high cost of living: Affordable rent is about 30 percent of your gross income. With rent at $1,059 for a one-bedroom in a city, you’d have to earn $42,000 per year. Not there? Find a roommate or two. Be imaginative: a professional house/pet sitter can live rent free!

Whether you need to pay off student loans or other debt, save for the future, or simply pay your rent and eat regularly, these steps can help you get there.

Shannon Doyle, CFC®, is a Certified Financial Counselor at LSS Financial Counseling, which works with Everence to provide budget and debt counseling.

Don’t get scammed!

With more than $1.3 trillion in student debt, scams have sprung up to “help” borrowers manage their loans.

For the “low price” of around $700, the scammers offer to sign you up for repayment plans or consolidation loans. In actuality, you can apply for these same options without paying anyone. If you’re confused by student loans, LSS Financial Counseling can help you explore your options and make a plan to pay off those loans. Thanks to Everence support, it is a free service to you. Call (877) 809-0039 to make an appointment today.



Shannon Doyle


Shannon Doyle