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Time is on your side for retirement savings

When a close friend landed his first job out of college, he knew saving for retirement would be good, but first he wanted to focus on his student loans. I told him to reconsider, because even though paying off loans is important, young adults especially stand to benefit from making regular contributions into a 401(k) or other retirement plan.

  • Time is on our side. If you add $200 a month to a retirement account when you start a job at 22, within 10 years you could have savings of about $37,000, and by age 67, your nest egg could be worth almost $1 million (assuming your investments grow at 8 percent per year)!* Many employers will match your contributions, which can help you reach $200 a month.
  • Roth 401(k)s and Roth IRAs can be great for young investors. With Roth contributions, you pay taxes on that money before you put it in the retirement account. But after you turn 59½, your earnings from and contributions to the account are tax-free. Now imagine retiring on that nest egg, tax-free!
  • Target date portfolios make retirement investments simple. A financial advisor can build these into your savings, starting you with more aggressive investments when you’re young. As you get older, your savings automatically shift into investments with the appropriate risk for your life stage, helping protect the savings accrued.

Another way to bolster your savings is to increase your contribution by half a percent every year. You won’t notice the difference in your paycheck, but your contributions will accumulate faster.

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*Using the Everence Savings Calculator

What’s your plan?

Retirement may be in the distant future, but thinking about it now will only benefit you. Even saving a little bit each month throughout your working years will help your savings accumulate.

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