Make Medicare an easy step - Oct. 14 Lancaster

Everence can lend a hand

Neffsville Mennonite Church
2371 Lititz Pike
Lancaster, PA 17601

Directions to Neffsville Mennonite Church

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Learn about Medicare at this informational seminar. And check out more Medicare resources.

Find out important information at the webinar:

  • Signing up for Medicare: how, when and where.
  • What Medicare covers (and does not cover).
  • How to move from employer-based insurance to Medicare.
  • Plans that supplement Medicare.
  • Prescription drug coverage.

Bring your questions, and we'll be happy to answer them. Some Medicare options look great when you're 65 only to surprise with high out-of-pocket expenses in later years. We can help you find Medicare options that fit your individual situation and serve you well at 65, 75 and beyond.

We also offer individual consultations to discuss your specific situation with flexible options to connect in person or via phone or videoconferencing. Contact us with any questions or to take the next step.