Stewardship University 2019

At Stewardship University, our courses invite you to discover the solutions you need to live a God-honoring life of holistic stewardship. Join us and learn ways your use of the time, talents, money, health and relationships God has given you can enhance and deepen your faith – and make a positive difference in the world!


Participants mingling at Stewardship University


Inspiring, faith, excellence and generosity!

You can count on:

  • Workshops that offer practical, relevant, useful information
  • A wide variety of workshops to choose from
  • A biblical, Christ-centered, Anabaptist focus for the event

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8:00 - 8:30 Registration
8:30 - 9:20 Worship & Keynote
9:30 - 10:45 Session A
11:00 - 12:15 Session B
12:15 - 1:15 Lunch/Receptions
1:30 - 2:45 Session C

Session sizes may be limited.

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Cost and registration

All day: $39. 
Includes up to three courses, course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Two $5 discounts are available: Early registration – Subtract $5 if your registration is postmarked by Feb. 11, 2019. Group registration – Subtract $5 from your own fee if you are registering as a group of five or more people from the same church. Registrations must be sent in together.

College/seminary students: $29. Includes up to three courses, course materials, refreshments and lunch. Not applicable with other discounts. Student ID must be presented at the event.

Single session: $19. Includes attendance and materials for any one 75-minute session. Lunch is not included and no discounts are available. (Must register by Thursday, Feb 28.)



Session A

A1 - 10 years on what we can learn from the Great Recession

Presenter: Benjamin Bailey, Everence Vice President of Investments 

Description: The Great Recession of 2008-09 led to a crisis of confidence, leading investors to question their strategies. This workshop will explore how the economy and markets have responded over the past decade. Benjamin will also highlight the many ways Everence is making a positive impact on the world through its investment portfolios.

A2 - Building family resilience: how relationships heal

Presenters: Bekah Bowland and Sarah Kim, Bridge of Hope  

Description: The Church can play a powerful role with those who have had difficult experiences or have experienced trauma. This workshop will explore resilience, trauma and its causes, and the responses to trauma people may have. We’ll also consider culturally sensitive ways to offer support in the wake of trauma and deepen our understanding of how relationships help to heal and build resilience.

A3 - Investing in the Kingdom: the five capitals

Presenter: Keith Blank, Bishop, LMC (known formerly as Lancaster Mennonite Conference)

Description: When we talk about investment, we ponder what resources we have to invest. Money, or our financial treasure, is one of the first “capitals” that we think about investing. But what about other capitals beyond our financial capital? What about intellectual, physical, relational and spiritual capital? Come and interact together on creative ways for effectively investing in the Kingdom. 

A4 - Your building is an asset for ministry

Presenter:  Chad Martin, Director of the National Fund, Sacred Places 

Description: On average, the vast majority of visitors in and out of church buildings each week are not members there for religious programs. Most are there for other community benefits like concerts, social service programs and education programs. For the average urban, historic church, 87 percent of visitors each week are not members. But is your congregation fully utilizing its building as a physical asset for ministry? This workshop will explore strategies for deepening community partnerships, assessing assets your congregation has to share, and tools for measuring the public value of activities at your church.

A5 - Hero or HeroMaker: five practices to multiplying leaders

Presenter: Jeff McLain, Lead Pastor, East Petersburg Mennonite Church 

Description: Our culture is in love with superheroes. Superheroes make great movies. They’re great at being heroes, but they are pretty bad at releasing other leaders and multiplying their impact. In 2018, Author Dave Ferguson introduced us to a book and concept called HeroMaker. Together we will look at five practices for multiplying leaders.

A6 - Inner city/urban ministry: Are you helping or hurting

Presenters: Pastors Juan C. Morales, Jose Jimenez, Alec Millen, Elliot Ramos and Dave Gundram. A panel of inner-city church pastors and church extension leaders from the Bible Fellowship Church.

Description: Definition, challenges and stereotypes. How do you fit into the Lord’s plan for urban ministry? Join us for a live discussion with a panel of inner-city pastors on mission with God in the city.

A7 - Communicating across the cultural battlegrounds

Presenter: Kevin M. Ressler, Executive Director, Meals on Wheels of Lancaster 

Description: Do your family and friends talk politics and religion at the dinner table? Has that lost you friends and family? Come practice methods of intention for listening to one another to elevate beyond "fight or flight" instincts with the goal of salvaging and transforming relationships. Through practical tools, learn to enjoy – not fear – having challenging conversations, with writer and nonviolent communication facilitator Kevin M. Ressler.

A8 - She gives

Presenters: Wendy Nagle, Partner Relations Global Disciples; and Nikki Shingle, Everence Regional Director 

Description: We are living in an amazing time in history when women have access to more wealth and influence than ever. Women own more than half of the country’s wealth, make over 80 percent of the spending decisions, and are expected to inherit 70 percent of the $41 trillion intergenerational wealth transfer anticipated over the next 40 years. Join us as we share stories and provide tools to help you maximize your impact for living and giving in Christ.

A9 - Help me please; I am being evicted*


Presenter: Sue Orth, Zion Lutheran Church 

Description: If your church is like most churches, you get a lot of calls for help. If you are wondering how to help or what to do with these emergency calls, you may want to be part of this conversation.

*Disponible en español por un intérprete.

A10 - When family values, calendars and the budgets tell different stories

Presenters: Wes and Bonnie Furlong, social workers and child Uber drivers   

Description: The third warning light on the car dashboard flashes as you race to your youngest child's soccer game while listening to a sermon on living generously. It's a normal Tuesday night. In this workshop, Wes and Bonnie Furlong will share four strategies for Jesus-centered family rhythm and decision-making when the math doesn't add up.

A11 - Continuing Care at Home: a distinctive approach to independent aging

Presenters: Dot Hartman and Michele Sipel, Landis Communities 

Description: Research shows 90 percent of those age 50-65 want to live in their own homes during retirement.  Even when day-to-day assistance becomes necessary, up to 80 percent of people would like to remain in their homes. Come learn how Continuing Care at Home provides one way to make that possible. Hear stories and examples of how CCaH is making a difference for people in this area.

A12 - What makes worship "Anabaptist" in 2019?

Presenters:  Nathan and Kate Grieser, The Shalom Project 

Description: What does it mean to create Anabaptist worship experiences today, when it cannot be assumed that everyone knows four-part harmony or enjoys a good potluck? How can worship be welcoming to those outside the church while also rooted in Anabaptism? We will explore ways we might connect our current reality to Anabaptist core values in worship.
Session B

B1 - Your legacy – the best gift you can give future generations

Presenters: George Finney, Everence Director of Retirement Services, and panel of Everence advisors 

Description: As one reaches retirement age, what is the legacy we want to instill in our children and grandchildren? This seminar will focus on your life after age 65 (because who really retires anymore?) and what you want to do after this age. What legacy do you want to leave and what does this teach our future generations? Hear about how we can help build the Kingdom, take a step back from the true 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. working day, while at the same time helping future generations.

B2 - Finding hope in mental illness

Presenter:  Ann King-Grosh, Program Director, No Longer Alone Ministries 

Description: A facilitated workshop using stories of families that have experienced mental illness that will 1) equip people of faith to offer support to people with and families of those with mental illness, and 2) increase their understanding of how to decrease the stigma of mental illness.

B3 - Financial coaching faith – in action

Presenters:  Todd Capitao and Roger Steffy, Tabor Community Services 

Description: Discover financial coaching, which is coming alongside and assisting people to enhance their financial capability and empower them towards lifelong stability. Learn about the benefits of financial coaching, training opportunities to become a coach, and ways to serve in this life-changing ministry.

B4 - 21st Century church in the wild

Presenters: Kevin M. Ressler and Hayley Schick, Meals on Wheels of Lancaster

Description: Dwindling attendance and aging congregations have meant anxiety in our churches. The fear is we will fail our mission in the world. Learn about establishing relationships between congregations and not-necessarily-faith-based institutions doing good work in your community. These win-win partnerships carry both institutions’ missions to new heights.

B5 - Add value: Live a life of positive impact

Presenter: Mike Gingerich, Founder, Mike Gingerich Global
Description: Too often as Christians in America, we can get into comfortable routines and just go about our days. This can leave us with a nagging sense that there should be more, or there could be more. In fact, often there is! Explore how to live a life that adds value in the family, neighborhood, workplace and beyond!

B6 - Introduction to Christian spiritual formation

Presenter: Ann Weaver, life and leadership coach 

Description: What is spiritual formation? Learn the biblical affirmation and intentions of spiritual formation and how we join the Holy Spirit's work as Christ is formed in us. Walk away with practical spiritual disciplines that promote intimate connection with God. 

B7 - Racial disparities in the criminal justice system

Presenters: Ronald Muse and Chinemelu Oguekwe, Mennonite Central Committee 

Description: In this workshop, we will discuss racism and poverty as two drivers of mass incarceration in the U.S. Learn of the policies and structures that have contributed to these systemic injustices and how Christians are called to respond.

B8 - Women and money

Presenter: Teresa Boshart Yoder, Everence Managing Director 

Description: Do you feel well equipped in managing your finances? This is for women who want to encourage one another to become savvier with the resources we have and the tools that are out there to help us live with confidence. You’ll learn about challenges many women face when it comes to finances, approaching your use of money and resources wisely, how to prepare yourself and your family for what may lie ahead, and creating spiritual and financial alignment. 

B9 - Eradicating poverty in one easy step 

Presenter: Water Street Mission

Description: Poverty and the issues surrounding poverty seem so immense. How can one person make a difference? But there is one thing each of us can do to restore people and change the system. 

B10 - The secret sauce in building culture

Presenter: Allon Lefever, President, Lefever Associates

Description: This session will examine the secret to building a great culture, with discussion and examples from entrepreneur/businessman and author of Launching the Entrepreneur Ship, Allon Lefever, examining how organizations can build truly different and fulfilling work environments by their emphasis on values. VALUES BUILD CULTURE, and culture can be your competitive advantage with today's workforce.

B11 - Estate planning, charitable gift planning and business succession beyond the basics

Presenters:  Brian Black, Timothy E. Shawaryn and Evan Denlinger of Legacy Law 

Description: Estate planning, charitable gift planning and business succession planning are among the most important stewardship and legacy issues a family and business owner may encounter. The planning process stirs up many difficult questions, requiring intentional conversations. This workshop is designed to help identify and start to process these questions and to understand the importance of implementing a plan that reflects biblical principles.

B12 - Welcoming the multicultural church: a panel discussing examples from the local church*

Presenter: Christine Baer, Congregational Resource Developer, Church World Service

Description: Join a panel discussion featuring local congregations that have put ideas into practice. What does it look like to hold an English as a second language Sunday school class? Or to rent building space to an emerging immigrant congregation? As communities of faith, how can we welcome new neighbors looking for places of worship?

*Disponible en español por un intérprete.

Session C

C1 - Catching stones Everence Urban Initiative Philly update

Presenter: Leonard Dow, Everence Stewardship and Development Specialist

Description: Find out how and where Everence is being intentional in being stone catchers in urban settings.

C2 - Trauma: why we can't just get over it*

Presenters: Jim Amstutz, Bible teacher, Lancaster Mennonite High School; and Lorraine Amstutz, Foster Care Coordinator, COBYS Family Services

Description: Whether you are young or older, trauma can impact you. We also know that it impacts people differently depending on life experiences. Come learn about the impacts of trauma, the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) inventory, trauma-informed care, and what resiliency looks like.

*Disponible en español por un intérprete.

C3 - The human trafficking epidemic in Lancaster County

Presenter: Pamela Armstrong-Pautz, Executive Director, North Star Initiative 

Description: The financial and human cost of a growing issue in Lancaster County, and how the hope of restoration offers a wiser financial and personal solution.

C4 - Legal do's and don'ts for churches in 2019

Presenter:  Peter Kraybill, Gibbel Kraybill & Hess, LLP 
Description: From creating safe-child policies for churches to guiding churches protesting unjust laws, this presentation will provide a timely update of legal matters affecting churches in 2019. It will cover how the IRS decides to audit a church, how churches can maintain tax-exempt status, as well as how churches can reduce the risks of various types of lawsuits.

C5 - Leave your shoes at the door: living in peace with Gods Creation

Presenter: Rodney Martin, Lead Pastor, Lititz Mennonite Church 

Description: The world is experiencing multiple environmental challenges that raise the question of how faith in Christ can take us beyond stewardship of resources to live in peace with Creation. This workshop focuses on bringing together faith and the environment in a conversation that challenges us to change how we live in the world and the footprint we leave behind.  

C6 - Stewarding our relationship in Puerto Rico

Presenters: Kevin King and Elizabeth Soto, MDS (Mennonite Disaster Service)

Description: The Mennonite churches and their communities in Puerto Rico experienced devastation and loss from Hurricane Maria in September 2017. Come and hear how MDS is partnering with the churches and the emerging model of moving forward.

C7 - The open secrets of classism, racism and sexism in the Church

Presenter: Karl A. McKinney, Lead Pastor, Erisman Mennonite Church 

Description: This workshop will introduce ways in which the Church continues to maintain, perpetuate and protect classism, racism and sexism. Leaders will be introduced to resources as well as strategies for moving congregations away from maintaining, perpetuating and protecting classism, racism and sexism.

C8 - Eat to beat stress and inflammation

Presenter: Janelle Glick, Wellness Dietician, Penn Medicine - Lancaster General Health

Description: Learn how what you eat can impact the development and progression of chronic diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer's, cancer and heart disease. Learn which foods help to decrease inflammation, simple food swaps to make, how to heal your gut, and how to improve the health of your environment.

C9 - Affordable housing – What can I do about it?

Presenter: Calvin Yoder, Chestnut Housing Corporation

Description: What can churches and individuals do about the increasing need for affordable housing in Lancaster County? This seminar will focus on possible models and ways participants may work at addressing this important need. Encouraging people to move beyond idealistic solutions and/or despair to concrete actions that provide solutions is the aim of this seminar.

C10- Business as a calling: faithfulness from Monday to Friday

Presenter: Ruth Leaman, Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) 

Description: Ruth and several Lancaster County businesspeople will discuss putting your faith to work. Find inspiration for serving God through the work you do every day. Learn how they’ve dealt with opportunities and challenges. Hear how these businesspeople see their daily work as a ministry. Complimentary Marketplace magazine subscription will be given to everyone who attends.

C11 - Organizing and downsizing: learning from God's Word how to manage our homes effectively

Presenter:  Dawnell Yoder, professional organizer/home stager

Description: In this workshop, we will look to the Bible to discover how God has designed us to live with a sense of order in our lives and in our homes. The principles we uncover will help us to live fuller and freer lives now, and also prepare us for downsizing as that season of life approaches.  

C12 - Gods of the internet

Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Miller, Pastor, Saint Paul’s Evangelical Congregational Church  

Description: This workshop deals with the idolatrous manner in which we are drawn to follow the latest device and/or platform. What assumptions are we unwittingly accepting that conflict with biblical principles about the world? Just what is it we’re after?


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