Stewardship University 2020

At Stewardship University, our courses invite you to discover the solutions you need to live a God-honoring life of holistic stewardship. Join us and learn ways your use of the time, talents, money, health and relationships God has given you can enhance and deepen your faith – and make a positive difference in the world!


Stewardship University workshop
Workshop participants engage in conversations and shared experiences to deepen their understanding of stewardship. 


Inspiring community, faith, excellence and generosity

You can count on:

  • Workshops that offer practical, relevant, useful information
  • A wide variety of workshops to choose from
  • A biblical, Christ-centered focus for the event

Stewardship University details

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  • Tracks
  • Workshop A
  • Workshop B
  • Workshop C
During this celebration of all that God has entrusted us with, you'll find fellowship, inspiration, worship and conversations as well as practical insights into what holistic stewardship means. You'll have the opportunity to select from more than 30 workshops that explore God-honoring ways to care for relationships, faith, finances, time, health and talents. 

Session times

8:00 - 8:30 a.m. Registration
8:30 - 9:20 a.m. Worship and Keynote
9:30 - 10:45 a.m. Workshop A
11:00 - 12:15 p.m. Workshop B
12:15 - 1:15 p.m. Lunch
1:30 - 2:45 p.m. Workshop C

Workshop sizes may be limited.

For more information, contact Lynette Morales.
(717) 653-6662

Email Lynette

Cost and registration

All day: $39.
Includes up to three courses, course materials, refreshments and lunch.

Two $5 discounts are available:

Early registration – Subtract $5 if your registration is postmarked by Feb. 17, 2020.

Group registration– Subtract $5 from your own fee if you are registering as a group of five or more people from the same church. Registrations must be sent in together.

College/seminary students: $29. Includes up to three courses, course materials, refreshments and lunch. Not applicable with other discounts. Student ID must be presented at the event.

Single session: $19. This covers attendance and materials for any one 75-minute session (and includes the "Live your best life" session for teens and those who love them). Lunch is not included and no discounts are available.




For your convenience, we have included various tracks—a three-course sequence clustered around interest areas. You can sample from various tracks or choose a single track to go deeper into one of the following topics.

A1, B1, C1 - Biblical stewardship track 
A2, B2, C2 -  Empowering the hurting track
A3, B3, C3- Money and millennials track
A4, B4, C4 - Retirement track
A5, B5, C5 - Church track
A6, B6, C6 - Stewardship track 
A7, B7, C7 - Justice and advocacy track
A8, B8, C8 - Vitality for older adults track
A9, B9, C9 - Family and community track
A10, B10, C10 - Taller español/Spanish track 
A11, B11, C11 - Life as mission track
A12, B12, C12 - Mental health track

Workshop A
9:30 – 10:45 a.m.

A1 - The stewardship of the Gospel

Track: Biblical stewardship

Presenter: David Gundrum of the Bible Fellowship Church

How do we keep the Gospel in our ministries and workplaces? A brief look at the sovereignty of God in all walks of life, what the Gospel is and the power of the Gospel.

A2 - Changing futures with hope, help, and compassion

Track: Empowering the hurting

Presenter: Katie Boatwright of Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services

Susquehanna Valley Pregnancy Services (SVPS) aligns with God to champion the Gospel and uphold the sacredness of human life. Learn how we offer the love of Jesus to families in our communities through practical pregnancy, parenting and post-abortion services.

A3 - Creative ways to consider and pay for college

Track: Money and millennials

Presenters: Mackenzie Snader and Kristina Groff of Everence Financial

Do you wonder if college is the right fit for your family? If it is, how will you pay for it? Students and families vary on what they consider a reasonable amount of debt, a reasonable savings rate. We’ll take time to explore college costs and creative ways our clients have paid for it.

A4 - Financial wellness from a retirement perspective

Track: Retirement

Presenter: George Finney of Everence Financial

Young, middle aged or experienced, where do you fit on the financial wellness curve? It’s never too late to plan for retirement no matter how young or old. What can we do to teach future generations and those who have reached the golden age? Let’s have a discussion from a biblical and socially responsible perspective.

A5 - Beyond Sunday  

Track: Church

Presenter: Peter Kraybill of Gibbel Kraybill & Hess LLP

Churches can set up entities for activities beyond Sunday worship, such as halfway houses, daycare centers, schools, residential rentals, soup kitchens, coffee shops, publishing houses and missions programs. This presentation will address how to create those entities, to manage liabilities, assets and church focus.

A6 - Shall we dance

Track: Stewardship

Presenter: Esther Pujol of Paloma School of Irish Dance

Do you wonder what place dance and the arts have in the mission of the church? Discover how artistic elements contribute to the development of communities and individuals as we delve into the biblical concepts behind creativity, expression and movement.

A7 Looking past the obvious: removing barriers for those trying to exit the sex industry

Track: Justice and advocacy

Presenter: Ling Dinse of Lancaster Bible College

Do you see every person as Jesus would see them with the eyes of love, compassion, and respect? How do you respond to the marginalized in our society such as the women working in the sex industry? This workshop will discuss the church community’s response in removing the barriers for women exiting the sex industry.

A8 - Making the move vs. aging in place  

Track: Vitality for older adults

Presenter: Matthew Gallardo of Messiah Lifeways

We’ll examine the choice of aging in place versus moving to a retirement community or care facility. Learn to evaluate and plan for either in an objective and practical manner. Topics include: examining the different options, costs and strategies to age-in-place or make a move to the right community for you or a loved one.

A9 - Stewarding people for maximum potential

Track: Family and community

Presenter: Leslie Cool of Evangelical Congregational Church

Learn to identify and maximize the people power of your congregation for outreach by exploring the intersection between your church’s and community’s DNA. Examine ways to build effective missional bridges between them. Leave encouraged—and with a plan. Your church might be stronger, better equipped than you think.

A10 - Ven y haz crecer los regalos de Dios

Track: Taller español/Spanish track

Presenter: Carlos Rodriguez Gonzalez de La Roca de Reading BFC

La vida que Dios nos da está llena de regalos que debemos disfrutar, cuidar y hacerlos crecer. Uno de los más grandes es el tiempo. Con una perspectiva bíblica, compartiremos el sabio manejodel tiempo para manejar los otros regalos de la vida para recibir y ser de bendición a los que nos rodean.

A11 - Kingdom entrepreneurship: stewards of time

Track: Life as mission

Presenter: Karl Diffenderfer of Higher Impact, LLC

We can’t get more time, but we can increase the impact of what we accomplish for God’s Kingdom. What could you do with more time and energy? What things would you do that would achieve eternal results? Join us to learn how to take back control of your calendar and find greater freedom in your business and life.

A12 - Seeking God's guidance for your child with Autism/ADHD

Track: Mental health

Presenter: Dayona Ellis of CCIU Home and Community Services/ The Gathering

Find out more about a biblical perspective of how to respond to children with Autism and/or ADHD using the “ABC’s” of real life situations. At the end of the workshop you will have a greater understanding of each diagnosis and gather Bible-based tools you can personally use.

Workshop B
11 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

B1 - What is worship?

Track: Biblical stewardship

Presenter: Esteban Nieves of Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church

Explore worship through Christian perspectives. What is worship and why is it so important?

B2 - I'm never helping again! How to overcome burnout and disappointment when serving our neighbors in need

Track: Empowering the hurting

Presenter: Nate Hoffer of Good Samaritan Services

Helping can be hard, especially if our hearts aren't positioned correctly and if our expectations aren't set properly. This workshop will help you take a God-honoring approach to serving and will re-energize your passion for loving your neighbor as yourself.

B3 - Millennials and investing: laying foundations for the future

Track: Money and millennials

Presenter: Stella Tai of Everence Financial

This workshop explores the challenges and opportunities millennials face as wise stewards of their money. With time on your side, investing offers a great opportunity to impact your life, family and community. Explore the basics of personal finance which include saving, investing, risk assessment and diversification.

B4 - Make Medicare an easy step

Track: Retirement

Presenter: Bill Parson of Everence Financial

Learn about what Medicare covers and understand each part—A, B, C and D in clear understandable language. Learn how to budget for health-care costs in retirement. Find out how, when and where you can sign up and what the open enrollment options are. What should you consider if you continue to work after 65?

B5 - Better together

Track: Church

Presenters: Ryan Brown and Warren Hoffman of Barnabas Initiatives

The multi-site movement, normally associated with larger churches, also creates an option for small and mid-sized churches. Where two (or more) partner churches are located in relative proximity, people and resources can be combined to create one stronger church in several locations. This workshop describes a church meld as a potential way to enhance the health, growth and mission of your church.

B6 - Myths and misconceptions about housing and finances

Track: Stewardship

Presenter: Todd Capitao of Tabor Community Services

We will dive into the many myths and misconceptions people have about buying a home, budgeting, credit, banking and navigating medical costs. This will be an overview and will be set as an open forum to ask questions about these topics.

B7 - Being the body of Christ: answering God's call to being members of one another

Track: Justice and advocacy

Presenter: Hank Johnson of Harrisburg Brethren in Christ Church

One of the greatest gifts God has blessed us with is one another. One resounding message from Scripture is that we are members of one another in Christ. One challenge the Church in United States has consistently failed is how to steward one another. Our call is to be the Body of Christ, our work is to be members of one another.

B8 - Aging with purpose: a framework for building community

Track: Vitality for older adults

Presenters: Chet Yoder and Linda Dodge of Garden Spot Village

Coping with the loss or damage of a home due to a natural disaster is an increasing reality for many today. People in their retirement years have many opportunities to assist with building or remodeling homes for those impacted. This workshop will focus on ways for older adults to partner together with community agencies to make a difference.

B9 - Modern-day lepers: walking with sexual offenders

Track: Family and community

Presenter: Jordan Kauffman of New Person Ministries

Adjusting to life outside bars can be difficult for those transitioning from prison. Sexual offenders face particular challenges as do the families, churches and communities that welcome them back. This workshop addresses the challenges for all those involved while encouraging honest conversation.

B10 - ¿Qué es la teología y las prácticas Anabautistas? 

Track: Taller español/Spanish track

Presenter: Pastores Samuel Lopez y Anthony Garcia de Concilio Iglesias Evangelicas Shalom

Se dará un resumen de la historia y teología anabaustista y las prácticas de la vida cristiana desde una perspectiva anabautista; se verá el desafío que nos presenta a la comunidad hispana.

B11 - A global perspective: stewarding cross-cultural relationships

Track: Life as mission

Presenter: Kim Dyer of Mennonite Central Committee

Making initial connections with people from other countries can feel overwhelming. How do we communicate effectively? Where do we begin our conversations? Come, listen, learn and dialogue with MCC’s International Volunteer Exchange Program [IVEP] participants as we share from a global perspective.

B12 - Disability: from welcoming to belonging

Track: Mental health

Presenter: Milt Stoltzfus of Friendship Community

Let’s talk about what it means to welcome a person or persons who are affected by disability into our congregational life and/or what it means to include a person or persons who are affected by disability into your congregational life. Is there a difference? Who benefits and how?


Workshop C

1:30 – 2:45 p.m.

C1 - Mission in our own backyard

Track: Biblical stewardship

Presenters: Chris Lautsbaugh of Worship Center and Michael Gilchrist of Calvary

Historically, churches have been great at engaging in missions internationally. While maintaining this, how can we also participate in the needs in our local communities? Let’s share some ideas!

C2 - The intersection of poverty and trauma

Track: Empowering the hurting

Presenter: Dan Jurman of Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County

Poverty and trauma are locked in a devastating, self-perpetuating feedback loop that drive horrible outcomes for vulnerable populations. This workshop will explore the links between poverty and trauma, and what we can do as a community to break free from this cycle.

C3 - Living simply as millennials

Track: Money and millennials

Presenters: Nate and Kate Grieser of Sunnyside Mennonite Church, Eastern Mennonite Missions and The Shalom Project

Living in the way of Jesus has a lot to do with our relationship to money and possessions, but as a church we aren’t always good at talking about this. Join us for an honest conversation about how simple living can create joy, abundance, and radical generosity.

C4 - 55 and counting: navigating the pre-retirement years

Track: Retirement

Presenters: Gerald and Marlene Kaufman of Akron Mennonite Church

Our lifestyle shapes our pre-retirement years—in ways that can lead to challenges or opportunities. This seminar will explore the importance of identity changes and finding new purpose in the years to come. We will discuss the role family, friends, faith community, financial consultant and physician play in producing a smooth landing in retirement.

C5 - Church emergencies

Track: Church

Presenters: Tracy Brown of Latta Memorial Presbyterian Church

You’ll learn about resources that will help prevent accidents, prepare you to respond to emergencies within a church and address stewardship of church property and procedures dealing with liability issues.

C6 - Elevate your nutrition!

Track: Stewardship

Presenter: Janelle Glick of LCBC City campus

Take your nutrition to a new level to boost your wellness! Learn impactful strategies to improve your eating, exercise, and stress management to make the best use of the body you’ve been given. Leave the workshop with personal next steps for your wellness journey.

C7 - Mass incarceration and racial disparities: what can we do

Track: Justice and advocacy

Presenters: Chinemelu “Chichi” Oguekwe and Ron Muse of Mennonite Central Committee

We will look at the issue of over-sentencing and race in the United States. We’ll explore what we could do as Christians to walk with those coming out of prison and how we could break this cycle of injustice.

C8 - Stewarding our spiritual life as we age

Track: Vitality for older adults

Presenters from Landis Communities

Being a good steward of our spiritual gifts means continuing to share God-given gifts in our wisdom years. Hear stories from Landis Homes chaplains about residents intentionally cultivating spiritual growth in many ways. We wholeheartedly believe that older adults have gifts to offer to God, the church and neighbors.

C9 - Addiction: epidemic or opportunity

Track: Family and community

Presenters: Lanny Millette of The Potter’s House; Samuel Mwangi of Community Care and Addiction Recovery Services

A holistic overview of the impact of addiction on those caught in it and their families and congregations. Participants will look at ways to address the problems and look for opportunities to bring about God’s Kingdom in the process.

C10 - Determinantes para la salud mental y el abuso de substancias

Track: Taller español/Spanish track

Presenter: Oscar Vazquez de Hope Ministries and Community Services

En este taller que existen unos determinantes que hay que tomar en cuenta cuando se va a tratar la salud mental y el abuso de substancias dentro de la comunidad latina. El idioma, la fe, cultura y la diversidad social son muy importantes para óptima salud mental de una comunidad.

C11 - Business as a calling: faithfulness from Monday to Friday

Track: Life as mission

Presenters: Ruth Leaman of Mennonite Economic Development Associates, MEDA and several local Lancaster County business people will discuss putting your faith to work.

Find inspiration for serving God through the work you do. Hear how they’ve dealt with the opportunities and challenges that have come their way.

C12 - Live your best life: how to conquer teen depression and suicide

Track: mental health

Presenter: Dr. Latina Shell of Diversity Works, LLC

This workshop will provide practical tips and strategies in how to overcome the adversities of teen depression and suicidal ideation, as well as provide interventions and solutions on how to live your best life!


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