Cancelled - Your church can make a difference - an urban plan

Maximize your congregation's talents for service

Dayton Metro Library
Community Room, second floor
215 E. 3rd St.
Dayton, OH


This event has been cancelled. 


9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Learn how your church can impact more people by utilizing members’ talents to their fullest.

  • Hear from church leaders making a difference in their communities.
  • Gain concrete ideas for how to get started with your ministry.
  • Get inspired by God’s ministry in our communities.

Session information: 

Show me the money - casting a successful vision
Rev. Demetrius Booker

Do you have a plan? If you do, is it working? If it is not working, are you settling for less than your hopes and dreams? Show me the money is about empowering individuals to be producers of their plans and achievers of their goals.

Come and learn:

  • Vision formula
  • The secret to goal fulfillment

Do not despise small beginnings
Rev. Leonard Dow

The vision for God's preferred future in your community begins with you and your congregation. In fact, according to our scriptures more often than not it will begin with rather small and humble beginnings. Join us as we are reminded of God's faithfulness in the past and even yet today.

Come and learn: 

  • How to take a vision and begin to build a foundation and infrastructure that will support and become sustainable
  • Assessing
  • Evaluating
  • Implementing

Literacy! The biblical power play
Al Ralston

This session addresses the role of literacy (both biblical and academic) in the continuous improvement, growth, and maturity in the life of believers. Illustrating how literacy can open a greater understanding of individual biblical purpose. Further, how clear understanding of a situation can empower you to be a better problem solver.

Come and learn:

  • Proverbs 4:1 states, “Hear, O children, the instruction of a father, and pay attention (and be willing to learn) so that you may gain understanding and intelligent discernment.”
  • Tools to pursue greater biblical knowledge and continuously improve your personal status and benefit to family and others.

Speaker bios

Reverend Demetrius Booker

Rev. Demetrius Booker
Reverend Demetrius Booker was born in Chicago, Illinois, raised in metro Detroit, Michigan, and graduated from University of Southern California. Spanning more than five decades, his cultural and professional experiences include working in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations and have uniquely provided him with the ability to navigate through the rapid changes facing our churches and leaders. He is the husband of Doreen Booker (39 years), and the father of three daughters, Danyelle, Dana and Dominique.

Reverend Leonard Dow
Stewardship and Development Specialist

Leonard Dow
Reverend Leonard Dow served as pastor of Oxford Circle Mennonite Church, Philadelphia, for almost 20 years. During his tenure, the congregation founded the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association, which launched many programs, including Arts for Youths, an annual community and food festival, ESL/GED adult classes, day care center, financial and health classes, legal services, a family resource center and a farmers market. Leonard worked in retail banking for 12 years and joined Everence in April 2017 as a Stewardship and Development Specialist. Leonard loves the Lord and is married to Dr. Rosalie Rolon-Dow. They have three children, Carmela, Marcela and Lorenzo.

Al Ralston
Associate Pastor, United Community Brethren Church

Al Ralston
Al Ralston currently serves as Associate Pastor for United Community Brethren Church under the leadership of Reginald Harvey, Senior Pastor. After retiring from the United States Air Force, he taught in the public-school systems of Dayton and Middletown, Ohio for over 22 years. Additionally, he was a Literacy Coach, providing district teachers instructional tools to improve student performance. In 2014, he and two professors from Sinclair Community College crafted the literacy improvement program, “New Day.” It initially originated from a need within UCBC, but soon spread to the community. He was the husband of Charlotte Ralston for 29 years until widowed. Also, the father of three children, Joshua, Leslie, and Naomi, and the proud grandfather of five grandchildren.