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Fuel-efficient vehicle discount

Be a good steward of the environment—and get a 0.50 percent reduction on the interest rate for a vehicle loan. That’s possible when you finance the purchase of a hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicle with an Everence Federal Credit Union auto loan.

Everence Federal Credit Union is committed to stewardship and care of the environment. In the changing technology of our world, hybrid and fuel-efficient cars offer a chance to practice these values. That’s why we offer a 0.50 percent discount on our auto loan rates to any member who borrows from us to purchase a hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicle.

How to secure your discount

  • Fill out and submit an online loan application if you have not already done so.
  • When you receive your approval notification, call (800) 451-5719 and ask to speak with a loan officer. Tell the officer you plan to purchase a hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicle.
  • Our loan officer will work with you to complete the loan, which will include your hybrid or fuel-efficient vehicle discount of 0.50 percent on the annual percentage rate (APR). View our current rates.