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Shareholder advocacy

What is shareholder advocacy? Essentially, it’s using your position as a shareholder, or part-owner, in a company to push for improved corporate environmental, social, and governance practices. Ownership brings with it certain rights – but also responsibilities, including the responsibility to help management make sound business decisions while giving voice to those who often have none.

Shareholder advocacy is important

But it is also more than that.

Active, socially concerned shareholders in publicly traded companies are becoming increasingly important. The voice they provide in the development of responsible business practices that promote both social and financial benefits should not be underestimated.

As part-owners, we believe it is within our rights and responsibilities to communicate with corporate management about the practices and activities we believe have a negative impact on communities, individuals, and the environment.

Why? Because our faith values call us to be responsible stewards of God's gifts and to reflect God's values by speaking for those who have no voice in corporate decisions.  In addition, negative corporate practices frequently also threaten the bottom-line and long-term prospects of the company and, therefore, have financial implications for our investors.

Increasingly, the best-managed corporations are responding positively. They are welcoming, and even initiating, dialogue with well-informed, thoughtful socially concerned investors.

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