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Gain confidence and clarity about moving to Medicare. Everence® can lend a hand. We offer live seminars and webinars as well as personal consultations with our Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)® who has been helping people navigate health insurance decisions for 28 years. Some Medicare options look great when you're 65 only to surprise with high out-of-pocket expenses in later years. We can help you find Medicare options that fit your individual situation and serve you well at 65, 75 and beyond. 

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Two couples share their personal perspectives of how they made Medicare decisions and what's most important to consider.

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We offer educational resources to help you learn more about the Medicare options that best fit your individual situation. 


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Easy-to-understand, info-packed overview in about 30 minutes. Ready to watch when you are. 

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Live seminars and webinars

This program provides educational impact and a helpful Q&A session. Bring your questions, and we'll be happy to help.

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Bill Parson of Everence talks with clients about Medicare options.

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Consider your individual situation with our Certified Senior Advisor (CSA®). We offer individual consultations to help you find the Medicare options that best fit your personal situation. 

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Find an introduction to Medicare considerations

Consider this Medicare introduction and practical steps to Medicare coverage by Bill Parson, Certified Senior Consultant (CSA)®, who has 28 years of experience in helping clients as they navigate health insurance decisions.

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