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Proxy voting

Praxis Mutual Funds believes it’s our responsibility to communicate with corporate management about issues of financial and social concern. As shareholders, we are part owners of companies. Praxis carries out its advocacy responsibilities to the companies we invest in through voting proxies and filing shareholder resolutions.

Praxis votes are cast in support of the six stewardship investing core values.

  1. Respect for the dignity and value of all people
  2. Efforts to build a world at peace and free from violence
  3. Internalization of a concern for justice in a global society
  4. Exhibiting of responsible management practices
  5. Support and involvement of communities
  6. Practice of environmental stewardship

What is proxy voting?

During a company's annual meeting, shareholders have the right to place recommendations, called shareholder resolutions, on the ballot. The resolutions focus corporate attention on often-overlooked issues and ask the company to take certain actions to address a specific social or governance concern. Votes on shareholder resolutions are not legally binding, but even modest positive results (10 to 20 percent) have a significant persuasive influence on companies’ boards of directors.

Our voting record

Take a look at the report below to learn more about the Praxis Mutual Funds voting record. Proxy votes are posted approximately 10 days prior to a company’s annual meeting date.

Votes “Against Management” indicate issues of concern where Everence believes alternative actions are required for reasons of social or financial responsibility.

Check out the proxy season review for details of the activities from the previous proxy season.

Important disclosure statement