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Planning and Advice

Adult education resources

Everence recommends the following educational resources to help you and your congregation practice better Christian stewardship.

Generous living in a self-centered world

(six sessions)
2160771 Generous Living teacher guide_Page_01

You will be introduced to a variety of generosity models found in scripture. The hope is that as a result of this study, you will be better able to describe which model or combination of models shapes your own life of generosity. We start with Cain and Abel and end with the Apostle Paul, exploring biblical stories and the connection with our first-world American context.

Download the curriculum.

The Gospel of Luke: the relationship between salvation, discipleship and wealth

(six sessions)
2151002 The Gospel of Luke (7)_Page_01

Luke highlighted stories from Jesus that address issues of wealth, poverty and generosity in his gospel. Many of Luke’s stories were not included in the other gospels. This curriculum focuses on 12 key passages and lessons that Luke wrote about. The material is designed to be versatile enough to be used by teachers in a classroom setting or by pastors for sermon starter ideas.

Download the curriculum.

All the days of my life curriculum

(six sessions)
All the days of my life

This curriculum is designed for groups of people in all stages of life and will invite you to reflect on your past, focus on the present and prepare for the future.

To help us engage with the topic of all the days of my life, we will tap into the creative imagination of Thomas Cole, a renowned artist from the 19th century.

Download our free leaders guide.

End-of-life curriculum

A valuable and insightful workshop about how you can make your final transition in life peaceful and grace-filled for you and your family. Featuring videos, educational materials and inspiration. Download the end-of-life curriculum guide.

For more information, visit and read about the mother-daughter conversation on getting ready to die, a story by writer and former college president Shirley Showalter.

But it's only a story

But its Only A Story

People remember stories. Maybe that's why Jesus told stories. Talking about money is uncomfortable, but stories can spark discussion on this important topic at your church.

This four-session curriculum is designed to help people approach and talk about money, which can encourage better thinking and decisions.

The sessions focus on these topics:

Stewards of grace

Stewards of Grace

Released in the Fall 2010, this book on holistic stewardship is designed for class study, with both teacher and participant sections. Available for download are the following sections:

Creating a cash flow (budget) plan

Creating a Budget

In this practical 8-page guide, you learn the basics of managing money, tracking expenses and meeting goals through budgeting. Gaining control of your finances is the first step in reducing stress. It's hard to be generous as you'd like to be when your bank account is strained. Money management is a critical life skill that we sometimes avoid, but brings relief to your life as you align your money and values. Download this document.

Cash flow (budget) tools: You can easily create your own budget with this free Cash flow (budget) Worksheet in Excel. To determine how much you can save, use this Home Budget Calculator.

Found faithful

Found Faithful

This four-part series begins with a story about King Henry III, what he learned about being faithful to his call and its implications for each of us today. Jesus taught that faithfulness starts with simple, everyday things of life. Consider how faithfulness relates to how we are stewards of all God gives us regardless of our age, status or financial means. Adapt this series for your small groups or Sunday school classes. Download this document.

Household finances from a Christian perspective

Everence Vine - Kanes

Everence offers practical guidance grounded in faith. These lessons can be customized to help members of churches or other organizations tackle such everyday issues as dealing with debt and developing a personal financial strategy. Sessions can be presented consecutively as a series or individually. If you’d like Everence to present this seminar for your congregation, please contact your Everence Stewardship Consultant.