Stewardship advocates

Learn how a stewardship advocate can contribute to your congregation. Advocates are volunteers who work with your pastor and other leaders to support your church’s stewardship ministry.Advocates, find many resources here to strengthen stewardship within your faith community.

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Advocate role

Role highlights

Role description and guidebook

As an advocate, you help your church and its attenders to integrate faith with financial decisions. You encourage and inspire your faith community toward greater understanding and practice of biblical stewardship.

The stewardship advocate ministry role description

Descripción del papel de ministerio de promotor de Everence

A Guidebook for Advocates l Una Guía para Promotores

Stewardship education

Find resources to inspire your church to understand and practice living out faith values in financial decisions. 

We recommend books, curriculum, seminars and more for pastors, church leaders, adults and youth. Find free materials to download at Stewardship education.

Sharing Fund

Through Sharing Fund matching grants, Everence works with advocates to help their faith communities help people in financial need. Learn more.



If your church would like counsel on its benevolence ministry, read Creating and managing a benevolence fund.

Communication and promotion

Use many resources to communicate and promote stewardship within your church.

Download resources below. If you have a special request, contact your stewardship consultant (below).

Advocate Update: Keep informed! Read your quarterly Advocate Update newsletter that you receive via email. It is published four times a year during the first week of March, May, August and November.

Quarterly reports

Track your efforts on the Advocate Quarterly Report. 

Complete your report and track your progress at My Everence.

Or download the quarterly report.

Need help?
Review How to fill out your quarterly report. If you have technical questions about My Everence, contact: or (800) 348-7468 ext. 3300.

Star recognition program

Everence offers a star advocate program to recognize and thank you for your efforts each year.

Advocate recognition

Guía de reconocimiento del promotor y el acceso de los Fondos Igualables


Contact your stewardship consultant

Everence consultants around the country can help you choose an advocate. They also support advocates in their stewardship ministry roles. Their names are listed at right.

Find consultant for your region

Stewardship consultants

National – Steve BustosRhoda Blough
  Congregaciones Hispanas/Spanish-speaking congregations - Martin Navarro
Harrisonburg (Va.)– Lana Miller
Kansas and Oklahoma – Mitch Stutzman
Central Penn (Pa.) – Lynette Morales
Michiana (Ind./Mich.) –  Marlene Kroeker
Northeast Ohio – Bruce Breckbill
Philadelphia - Natalie Martinez
Souderton (Pa.) – Randy Nyce
Souderton (Pa.) – Patti Freed
Upper Midwest – Lyle Miller 



Services and resources

Everence offers many services and resources to your congregation. Learn more about what's available here.

Download resources below or contact your Stewardship Consultant (above) for copies.

Stewardship ministry resources: A church's stewardship ministry is a year-round process. Use these resources to understand what is working well in your church, and what might use more attention.

  Stewardship ministry wheel

  Stewardship ministry wheel introduction

  Stewardship ministry assessment tool

  Stewardship ministry, thanking donors

Everence bulletin board: Review the Guidelines for your congregation. For a title card, contact your stewardship consultant above.

LSS Financial Counseling: Brochure (English) (Spanish) and webpage (English) (Spanish). A training video for advocates and a testimonial video on its Financial Choice program to share with others.

MAP (My annual plan): A simple chart to keep track of your activities as you do them to make filling out your quarterly report easier.

My Everence access guide: In the secure section of our website, My Everence, you can complete your quarterly activity report and find the current status of your annual activities reported during the current year. You can also find membership figures and other information on your church. Use this guide to navigate My Everence.

Donating IRA distributions to charity: A resource for people who are 70 1/5 years old who can give funds from their IRA to charity and receive a tax benefit.

Church information management systems: An overview of software systems to help your church manage attender, program and financial information.

College scholarships: Promotion sheet (English and Spanish). Application on scholarship webpage.

MyNeighbor programBulletin insert.

Toolkit: Published seasonally four times a year, this newsletter can help your attenders to use their God-given gifts. Visit (English) or (Spanish) to find the current issue and schedule. You can sign up for regular electronic or paper distribution or change the number of copies you receive.

Reply cards: English or Spanish cards for your members to request information or advice about Everence services. Contact your stewardship consultant above.

Welcome kits: English or Spanish packets to give to new members in your congregation. Contact your stewardship consultant above.

Webinars: Deepen your advocate role

Gain ideas, learn tips and hear best practices. Get the most from your role as stewardship advocate

Find upcoming and past webinars