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Living Stewardship Series

A series of study books designed for small groups and Sunday school classes. Each book features 12 lessons with questions and exercises.

Body Talk- Speaking the Words of Health

Body Talk: Speaking the Words of Health

In this book Ingrid Friesen Moser suggests a new perspective on what constitutes healthy living. She reminds us that as stewards of God’s extravagant gift of health we have a responsibility and opportunity to make choices about living that reflect our faith.

Creation Care- Keepers of the Earth

Creation Care: Keepers of the Earth

How can Christians put their faith into practice on issues like air and water quality, energy use, and the climate? Creation Care shows us the path from the Bible to environmental stewardship. Author Luke Gascho helps us develop roles in the sustainable effort using spiritual and practical approaches.

Money Mania- Mastering the Allure of Excess

Money Mania: Mastering the Allure of Excess

In a country where affluence and materialism are the rule, rather than the exception, author Mark L. Vincent takes readers beyond budgeting. In Money Mania, Vincent encourages readers to think about all of the ways money impacts their daily lives.

Talent Show- Your Faith in Full Color

Talent Show: Your Faith in Full Color

What are your gifts, talents, passions, and experiences? And what style do you display them in? This book leads us to not only discover these things – but also to discover the role they play in a life of holistic stewardship. God has given you everything you need to live a life fulfilled.

Time Warped- First Century Time Stewardship for 21st Century Living

Time Warped: First Century Time Stewardship for 21st Century Living

Everyone is busy – but busy doing what? More importantly, busy becoming what? In a culture that urges us to do more and more, this book encourages us to re-examine Scripture’s call to rest in God. Includes practical tools for making changes to your hectic lifestyle. Discover how to do less – and have more – in our relationship with God and with each other.

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