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Charitable Giving

Family foundations and supporting organizations

If you’ve been richly blessed and have come to a point where you would like to share your gifts in a lasting way, Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence) has two charitable giving tools that might be right for you.

Family foundations and supporting organizations are two ways you can organize your contributions. They can help structure your gifts for the long-term benefit of others; creating a legacy into which you can share your values.

Available to individuals, businesses, and organizations, these tools offer an exciting opportunity to put your faith into action and help you serve as a good steward of your financial resources. 

This long-term support is possible through the assets you contribute to endowments established with either a family foundation or a supporting organization, which are best suited for those blessed with significant assets. Donations are often in the form of cash, stock, and bonds, yet can also include real estate, personal property, or even a personal collection on which you can place a value.

A case study

Todd and Emily Bricker have been generous donors to their church and several other charities. Their family owned business has grown and prospered over the years, allowing them to become even more generous in the last few years.

After talking with their foundation representative, they were intrigued with the idea of involving their two daughters and a son and their families with their charitable giving activities. They established a family endowment fund and seeded it with closely held stock in the family business. They also make additional contributions each year, and their family members are encouraged to contribute as they can. Everyone who makes a donation qualifies for a charitable tax deduction.

This information should be viewed as an example only. All names are fictitious. Your actual experience may vary. Donor decisions should not be made in reliance upon examples used in this Web site. Donors should always consult with their financial, tax or legal adviser(s) before making any decision.