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Mennonite Retirement Trust

Mennonite Retirement Trust is the retirement plan of Mennonite Church USA and is open to other Mennonite/Anabaptist-related congregations. The plan is designed to keep your retirement benefits for pastors and staff as easy and effective as possible – while maintaining the values of your ministry and mission. MRT services are administered by Everence, the stewardship agency of Mennonite Church USA.

Congregational services

Mennonite Retirement Trust (MRT) and Everence partner with Empower Retirement to provide enhanced account management, investment options and retirement planning tools to you and your participating church staff.

Empower provides account administration services to your congregation. Access your account online.

If you have questions about:

  • Account administration, payroll, investments, contributions contact Empower at (800) 298-4801
  • General MRT issues contact Everence at (800) 348-7468 ext. 2471 or email us at

You may download the plan documents: 401(a) Money Purchase Pension Plan and/or 403(b) Defined Contribution Pension Plan.

Interested in a Mennonite Retirement Trust plan?

Congregations affiliated with Mennonite Church USA or that have another Mennonite/Anabaptist affiliation can offer MRT to their pastor and other staff. MRT helps churches offer a retirement plan to staff that reflects their ministry and faith tradition.

Major benefits

  • Lower costs: Unlike many other retirement plans, there are no set-up costs or plan document fees. Participation in MRT keeps administrative costs low because they’re shared across a large group of organizations and congregations.
  • Target-date and strategic portfolios: We’ve made your employees’ investment decisions easier with four target-date portfolios and three strategic investment portfolios that allow for a broader range of investment allocations. The funds offer a diversified mix of stocks and bonds, as well as special assets that employees won’t normally be able to select on their own.
  • Daily account valuation and comprehensive online tools: Through Empower, you can manage your plan easily online. However, personal assistance by phone is also available.
  • Flexibility and less reporting: As a church retirement plan, MRT offers greater flexibility and fewer reporting requirements for employers than many similar retirement savings plans.
  • Lifetime income: Participants can receive lump sum distributions or select from several income distribution options upon retirement.
  • Investing standards: Your pastor and staff can live out their faith values with their retirement savings, since MRT’s managed portfolios all follow Everence stewardship investing guidelines.

Learn more

To find out if MRT might be right for your church, contact your Everence advisor or MRT at (800) 348-7468 ext.2471 or

The MRT target-date portfolios incorporate Everence stewardship investing guidelines. Certain mutual funds available for participant choice were selected for their screens, market coverage, and performance characteristics, but are aligned with Everence stewardship investing guidelines. Please see the description of each fund for a more detailed description of fund characteristics.


Everence and Everence Retirement Services are not affiliated with Empower Retirement.