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Charitable Giving

A legacy at your death

When making a will or living trust, you might want to consider making your favorite charities - in addition to your family members - part of your estate plan. You can do this by simply indicating in your will that a portion of your assets should be left as a bequest to Mennonite Foundation (an affiliate of Everence). Then, inform us of your recommended charitable causes you would like to support with your bequest.

Upon your death, the executor of your estate will transfer your bequest to Mennonite Foundation. We then distribute the assets to approved charities you have recommended. Another option for large bequests is to ask Mennonite Foundation to hold the funds, invest them for a certain period, and then distribute only the net income to charitable causes. This multiplies the effect of the gift over a period of time. This service is available for a nominal fee.

Advantages of giving

  • Simplify your estate.
  • Support multiple charities with a single bequest.
  • Revise distributions without changing your will.
  • Reduce estate and inheritance taxes.