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Charitable Giving

Organizational development support

Mission drives most nonprofit organizations, and rightly so. The bulk of your time, effort, and other resources should be devoted to your reason for being.

Mission also requires funding. Institutional development services from Mennonite Foundation, an affiliate of Everence, can help your organization become more effective as you work with donors who want to support your mission.

Advantages of Mennonite Foundation institutional development services

  • We help train your development staff and board to help them unleash the power of planned giving techniques.
  • We carry the responsibility of specialized technical information, freeing your staff to do what they do best – work with motivated donors.
  • You can rely on our operations staff and systems without investing heavily in your own.
  • Because we do not raise money for specific organizations, we can offer objective advice to help you reach new levels of development success.

How it works

Our staff can work with your organization in several ways to help you become more effective as you work with donors.

First, we provide education and training for your development staff to help them understand effective planned giving techniques that can raise your development efforts to whole new levels. Donors are often able to give far beyond what they thought possible when you can show them how to give real estate, stocks, and other appreciated assets, or how to make a donation and receive a stream of payments for life.

We can also work directly with your donors, either individually or in group seminar settings, to help them understand the power of planned giving techniques that go beyond writing a check. Because we do not raise funds for any specific organization, we can provide objective advice to help your donors achieve their dreams.

We can help convert gifts of appreciated assets like stock, real estate, or collectibles, into cash – which can then be used by your organization.

Our back office can become your back office, as transparent to your donors as you wish. This saves your organization from having to invest heavily in staff and systems that make planned giving vehicles work efficiently.

We also can provide training for your organization’s board, helping them to understand the important role development plays for an organization and the proper role for board members in that process.

A case study

The board of a small church-affiliated camp in Iowa had dreams of expanding their camping ministry for children and youth. They knew the project they had in mind would require significantly more fund-raising efforts than the camp had experienced in the past. Most of the fund-raising was done informally by the camp director and a few interested board members.

An Everence charitable services representative trained the board and a staff member to help them better understand planned giving techniques, such as charitable trusts and gift annuities. Rather than trying to become experts, however, the board and staff chose to concentrate on selling the camp’s mission to potential donors. Once a donor was interested, the Everence charitable services representative was then brought in to help identify the right planned giving tool and to complete the gift.

This new level of development was so successful, that a few years later the board established an endowment fund to help fund special projects at the camp. Mennonite Foundation now helps manage the assets in the endowment fund.