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Charitable Giving

Endowment management

Setting up an endowment fund can help your organization extend its outreach while also promoting stewardship of resources. An endowment fund is set aside and permanently invested, with the earnings available for supporting your ministry.

The endowment fund acts as a “third leg” of funding, along with user fees and general fund contributions. An endowment supplements rather than replaces regular giving, adding flexibility to your ministry’s funding. This helps make the services more available and affordable.

Mennonite Foundation, an affiliate of Everence, can help make the endowment process easier for you, by helping to educate and train your organization's endowment commission - something few financial institutions offer. We'll then manage the financial assets of the endowment, although the actual administration of the endowment fund remains in the hands of your organization.

Advantages of Mennonite Foundation asset management

  • Professional managers develop strong portfolios that balance risk and return.
  • Our unique emphasis on mission-based investing incorporates your organization’s mission and values into our investment selection process.
  • Unlike most financial institutions, our representatives work with you personally to education, train, and counsel.
  • We offer broad investment opportunities that wouldn’t be available if your organization invested the assets of your fund on its own.
  • We provide frequent and detailed reports concerning your investments.